Friday, February 1, 2013

Swingers - the blind date sex club for swinging

-Have you ever thought about swinging?

The question struck like sizzling lightning from a summer sky blue like a welding flame. Anna posed it one day, on the phone from Germany, where she was just working temporarily as a pricing manager for six months.
-I’ve been checking out some swinger websites. They have so many sex clubs for swingers here in Europe, I just can’t believe it. And… I’m getting curious.

I had to be honest, I had no real idea of how to do swinging. Where to meet swingers, how to date swingers. Like all curious beings, I was naturally aware of there existing something like swinger parties. But I’ve never been invited to one. I suppose I don’t come across as a person who enjoys getting laid in group. But how could anyone really tell?
-I’ve found one in particular… it’s plainly just called Swingers. They claim to do a little investigation of each person that applies for membership, to judge if they are slim enough, good-looking enough and well-mannered and educated. Once you’ve been approved, they set up swinger blind dates at their club in a mansion outside Munich.

-You know how I’m ridiculously turned on by mansions and castles. Won’t you come along as my date, darling? I promise you I’ll be good.

Anna was Portuguese, quite tall, with straight, almost black, hair. Her dimples made her look young and cute, her body, on the other hand, was an erotic landscape as inviting as a Tuscan valley at springtime. She always wore tight long skirts and high-heels together with a blouse. It was her uniform, her power outfit, her seduction kit.

I booked a ticket for the coming weekend, and Anna picked me up at the airport. She drove a blue cab of classic German design. She squeezed my thigh as I slid down in the seat next to her.

Friday evening came. We had arranged for a meeting of three “couples” at Swingers. We had little idea what would happen at the club, if we’d be shown to a private room, or how it would all work. Anna spent quite some time picking out her skimpiest, low-cut silk panties, a mélange of silver and white cotton in colour that made a smooth impression on her lightly suntanned skin. She meticulously chose one of her finest pairs of stay-ups, together with a bra that gave her breasts an even rounder look.
She insisted on that I would wear black low-rise trunks. She squeezed my package gently while dressing, saying that it would just be irresistible to anyone there. She also wanted me to wear a suit, a black, olive-coloured quite slim cut. We can’t have anything else at a European mansion, now can we?

We arrived by taxi at nine in the evening. A doorman, oddly enough wearing a cylinder hat and tails, identified us at the door, outside an impressive stone building. He unfolded a scroll of paper, saying, “Meine Frau, mein Herr, Herzlich willkommen bei uns. Bitte, Zimmer drei.” Room number three.

The mansion was lit by torches hanging on the walls. The oak door was marked with Roman numerals. III. I could sense and even hear my pulse shooting through my body. Even Anna looked slightly nervous, pushing her hand firmly against the wood. Her French manicure was exquisite, nails sharp.

We entered the room. It was lined by sofas. On the left wall was a large painting of a nude, a slender lady, seen from the side. We could see ourselves, just in front of us, in a large, heavily adorned mirror. To our right, a statue of a Greek god, a perfectly muscular man, in a niche in the wall.

But more than that, on each sofa sat one man and one woman, making us four couples in the room. To the left, definitely a Scandinavian or German couple. She, sitting with her back against the back of the sofa, one leg crossed over the other. Blonde long hair, tanned, blue eyes looking curiously at us. No makeup, wearing a light blue dress, ending just below her knees. Her man, muscular, slightly lighter in skin tone, straight nose, grey sharp eyes. Only in briefs and a short sleeve shirt.
In the middle, a man looking very much like a Latino, dark wavy hair, brown eyes, not so tall. Sitting with one leg pulled up to his chest. I noticed Anna follow the lines of his hairy legs, along the lines of his thighs, the curve disappearing between his butt cheeks, and the enormous bulge between his legs. Next to him was a woman. She had red hair, large curls, swirling down her milky shoulders. Her green eyes seemed to pierce me, inspecting me from head to boxers. I felt a sudden twitch in my groin. What if I got a hard on? Would I stand here showing my cock grow harder, in front of these strangers? I don’t know, but I think she noticed the tiny movement in my pants, and a small smile appeared at the edge of her mouth.

To our right, just below the statue, lay two persons, both lightly milk chocolate in skin colour. In front, in just a negligé, was a large-breasted woman, with her curly African hair tied in a knot behind her head. Spooning her from behind, was another woman… She rested on of her hands on the other ladies hip.

It was a wonderful sight. All three couples looking absolutely gorgeous, looking in anticipation towards us. Did they know who we were? Did they know each other? The floor in front of us was covered by the smoothest of carpets, with some kind of silky slightly shiny material. We made our way forward. The middle couple got up, the man greeted me with a handshake, his woman hugged me. We returned the favour. Miguel, Gwen, they introduced themselves. The blonde couple did the same. Joakim, Linda. As did Gio and Sam. Sam squeezed my butt gently as she leaned over to hug me. This was just too good to be true, too good to be true.

Soft music was coming out of speakers hidden somewhere in the walls. It was some kind of bossa nova, softly, rhythmic, with a hint of jazz.

In a mix of utterances in so many languages, I could not make out exactly which… “så vacker, så fin”, “qué bonita”, “tão bonito”, “soo gorgeous”… It seemed like the six of our playmates, our team-mates circles around us… giving us a peck on the cheek here, a pinch in a nipple through the fabric of our clothes there, a slap on my butt here, a squeeze of Anna’s thigh there… My… these new friends were indeed randy already…

Someone handed me a glass of exquisitely dry champagne, with a wonderfully ripe bouquet of butter and bread… Anna and I toasted, and then all raised their glasses in a salute, but also, as if it were a starter’s gun, the clink of the glasses brought together set off this wonderful orgy.

Miguel, Gwen, Gio, Sam, Joakim and Linda, started, as if synchronized, to peel off our clothes, layer by layer. Gio’s chocolate fingers quickly let my suit jacked slide off me, and threw it on one of the sofas. She undid the first button of my shirt, my gaze fixed on her formidably round butt cheeks in the mirror in front of us, Sam eagerly undoing the second and third. Miguel and Joakim surrounded Anna, one man behind and one in front. Miguel started undoing her blouse, button by button, slowly revealing her delicate and deliberately chosen bra. Joakim behind her, pulling the zipper of her skirt downwards, showing off a deliciously tanned thigh.

Gwen undid my pants and had them hit the floor in a matter of seconds. And there I was, in tight trunks, three strange women surrounding my almost-naked body. I could feel Gwen’s breath on my neck, her fingers suddenly lightly massaging my chest. I could feel her warm, soft breasts against my back. Gio had squatted in front of me, Sam standing behind her, playing with her hair. Gio’s head what conveniently placed in between my brief-clad groin and the ending of Sam’s negligé, her head resting between Sam’s thighs.

I could feel my appetite beginning to rise… The view of these six strangers in the mirror in front of me, the three women surrounding me, and Anna, seemingly enjoying herself to the fullest, being undressed by these two black and white men… A little game of dominos. Undoubtedly it made my body come to live, the veins of my body pumping of warm blood, filling me with a wonderful libido… Some part of me ashamed of my rising cock inside my trunks, part of me shamelessly enjoying the growing bulge… It soon got the attention of the playful women. Hands caressed the warm, round package growing between my legs… “Eu gusto…”
Gwen pulled down my trunks, and my hard cock sprang out from its cotton cage. It landed in front of Gio’s mouth… She carefully placed her palm underneath my balls, and gently placed her lips around my already glimmering glans. I felt Gwen’s arm caressing my lower back, her arm sliding in between my buttocks, taking over from Gio, gripping my balls. I could feel Gio’s tongue, her warm mouth covering the tip of my cock… Still standing, I look straight into Sam’s eyes. She was still standing… caressing Gio’s hair… gently pushing her pelvis against the back of Sam’s curly head. She leaned forward, giving me a kiss. Then leaned back again… She enjoyed the view. I wondered if Gio always did what she wanted…?

Gio’s mouth slid along the shaft of my penis… Her hand squeezed gently around the base of my cock, and masturbated it the same pace as she sucked it in… and slid it out. Repetitively. Again and again.

My eyes now caught Anna’s. Miguel had started kissing her nipples… Eagerly sucking, nibbling, making loud sounds, almost as if he was being breastfed. Joakim was squatting on the floor behind her, kissing her lower back, covering her butt cheeks with loud kisses… Maybe biting, I could not really tell. She closed her eyes and drew for breath. Both men were fully erect… Miguel’s cock dark and impressive, Joakim’s slightly shorter, but very thick. Anna placed her legs a bit further apart.

Miguel kissed her tummy, moving his way down. I could see his curly Latin hair in front of Anna’s pussy, as he started to kiss her silk panties… I could hear him inhale her scent… She must’ve been immensely wet by now. The musky odor seemed to put him on fire… He pulled her panties to the floor and dug in between her legs. She instinctively pushed her pelvis hard against his face, as he started tasting her pussy. His tongue swept over her glossy labia, sticky with her inner fluids. She was completely overthrown, when Joakim did the same. He started kissing her from behind, parting her butt cheeks… The tip of his tongue sliding up and down her crack… She had never experienced this feeling… the hands of two men, both grabbing her thighs, two tongues, one exploring her vagina, the other dangerously circling her anus.

Sam also gleaned to her left… She enjoyed seeing Anna being devoured. She enjoyed watching Gio suck my cock… She loved seeing Gwen’s red hair sticking out from time to time behind the lines of my body. Maybe even without thinking about it, she had starting caressing her breast with one hand… Pinching her nipple on one boob, moving quickly to the other, squeezing it, shaping it with her palm, giving it a firm squeeze and back to the other… Her other hand circling her tummy, then further down, coming to rest in her lap. She parted her legs ever so slightly, and began masturbating. She moved her hand in a small, circular motion on her pussy. She look me in the eyes, looked at Sam’s head, bobbing to and fro, eagerly tasting the pre cum from my hard cock.

It was a strange feeling, seeing her standing there, pleasing herself, just by looking at me, at her partner, at the other men… I could see how she moved her fingers around her clitoris, sneaking the tip of her finger inside her pussy ever so little. She closed her eyes and sighed...

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