Friday, December 10, 2010

Sexy erotic Christmas gifts top ten

Give yourself or your partner a sexy, hot, and erotic Christmas gift

Christmas is coming up in the Western world, the holiday season draws near. Whether you celebrate Yuletide, Christmas, Hanukkah or Kwanzaa, the New Year or an Orthodox Christmas, our wish at Sexual Details is that you do it in a sexy style, with lots of cuddling, embracing, kissing, loving fondling, a secret caress covered in deliciously naughty decorations.

We list our top ten favourite sex gifts on our top list here:

10. The sexy self-centered Christmas route

Give your husband, wife, dreadfully boring or asexual partner a one-way ticket to somewhere else. And spend some money on flying in the Swedish bikini team or Brazilian capoeira dancers. It will be worth the money. But you might regret it later..., here are some other alternatives, for those lovely days together with your babes and handsome honeys:

9. Hot, sexy and erotic soft porn videos and films under the Christmas tree

To watch together, in the friendliest of companies.

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8. Scented, perfumed massage oil to wake up to a sexy, erotic Christmas morning

In a beautiful bottle, gently spilled into your hands, warmed up between your rubbing fingers, spread gently at first, harder, more firmly across your lover, all over that trembling body... makes for a slippery and sleazy holiday feast. We wish we could be there!

7. Hand-cuffs - now don't let your sexy lover get away up that Christmas chimney

Some like it rough. Some like that feeling of exposure. Of not being able to say no. To not be able to get away. Lock your lover down to the bed pole. Tease... taste... tickle... a taunting torture for exquisite pleasure.

6. An Aphrodisiac Champagne - turn your sexy Christmas mood on with an erotic drink

Undoubtedly gets you in the mood. From the secret inner rooms of princes in Saudi Arabia, to the top floors of bustling skyscrapers in Shanghai, hidden back rooms in Paris apartments, and cozy cottages in Norway, champange affects the libido, raises the temperature in a wonderful, bubbly way.

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Why not a an aphrodisiac tea from Sexual Details boutique?

5. Hot lingerie and underwear - the sexiest of sexy Christmas gifts

Who does not want to see a lover in a new, sexy outfit? Underskirts, garter belts, stay-ups, high-heels, nylons, smooth silk, lace, ribbons, corsets... Does your man not deserve the same? Banging boxers, brothel briefs, the double-trouble stud-making boxer briefs, unbelievably revealing undershirts, tasty tank tops and tempting t-shirts...

4. A sexy, erotic trip to Cap d'Agde - hot naturist resort in France

Time to get inspiration... Take you lover, or a few, on a trip to wonderland, visit hedonistic Cap d'Agde, a naturist resort in France, well known for its passionate pleasures. Or just sneak away to the closest beach, where the warm sand, wind and sea will instantly turn on you and your company...

3. A sex toy - dildo, strap-on, geisha balls for an intimate erotic Christmas gift

Discover new feelings, new sensations, new muscles, new moves, new angles, new delights with a new sex toy. Why not a lovely little vibrator? Or change roles, let your lover use a strap-on dildo on you? Or treat yourself to new experiences.

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2. Write a steaming love letter, full of sex, erotics as a loving Christmas gift

Write down everything you would ever wish to do with your lover in an erotic letter, and place it under the Christmas tree. Or, be more bold and modern, record a video of yourself when you are in your most playful mood, and record it on a DVD or send it via mail. Guaranteed to set the blood boiling of your love victim...

...and the winner of them all is

1. Wrap yourself up in a delicious outfit as a gift of pleasure - the sexiest Christmas gift of them all

Slip on the most gorgeous clothes your have, take a long, nice bath, shave, get clean, smooth, fresh, arrange your hair, put on your most seductive make up... and later on, slip out of your clothes, and into bed. Or anywhere you want to go...

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Wonderful Yuletide, Superb Hanukkah, Delightful Kwanzaa, and a splendid New Year's wish for all of you!

Sexual Details team 2010