Monday, August 30, 2010

Best soft porn films and videos internationally

Sometimes... when I'm all alone... I like to watch. Watch other men and women make love, fornicate, enjoy eachothers bodies. To let loose, go wild, and do things that I only dream of doing, in constellations with one, two, three, four or even more lustful gentlemen and ladies.

Sometimes alone, in bed, in the sofa... all spread out. Sometimes with a lover... at first next to eachother. Then curiously exploring. Watching the beginning arousal, hardening of nipples, increased breathing, growing member, swelling labia... squirming moves... fingers and hands searching... unbuttoning pants... parting thighs... lifting of skirts... caressing underwear... fingers down panties... firm grip of hard package...

Sometimes I watch my video-loving friends masturbating themselves, lost in the images flashing before their eyes on the screen. Sometimes they watch me caress myself to shockwaves of orgasms. And other times... our hands seek out eachother... making our way into a sexy bundle of lustful bodies, inspired by the action taking place in front of our eyes.

Below Sexual Details lists some of our favourite soft porn videos from around the world. We like honest, realistical, fun, and warm shoots, with real curvy women and handsome men, that enjoy what they are doing... particularly in classy settings. Films from southern Europe tend to tickle our fancy the most, from locations in Italy, France or other places around the Mediterranean, the Adriatic or the Black Sea...

Viv Thomas - the master of lesbian

Kissing, licking, eating, biting, scratching, laughing, loving, horny, classy... Viv Thomas's women are European, sensual, round, natural, beautiful, wrapped in erotic underwear and exclusive clothes. The Pink Velvet series and Unfaithful series are unforgettable, for both men and women.

The best of Viv Thomas productions:
  • Pink Velvet - The innocence of lesbian love (2003)
  • Pink Velvet 2
  • Pink Velvet 3 - A lesbian odyssey
  • Unfaithful I, II, III and IV (1, 2, 3 and 4)
  • The Office Girls
  • Eurotic Fantasies

Marc Dorcel - French harder porn

Beautiful women, handsome men, luxury Paris settings. Though not as natural and friendly as Viv Thomas, Marc Dorcel does offer some arousing modern soft and hard porn. But stay clear of some of the cheaper productions.

Have favourites that you think should be on this list? For women? For men? What are your favourite soft porn videos from your country? Get connected on MSN: or Send us a mail and share your best soft porn film and video tips and suggestions!

Most read historical books with sex techniques from around the world

Here are some of the world's most well-known and read books and scriptures on sex, erotics and romantic relations.

Kama Sutra (कामसूत्र) was written in Sanskrit and describes sexual intercourse in prose. Kama means sensual or sexual pleasure. Sutra means a thread or line that keeps things together. Thus it could be translated into “sexual guidelines”. It gives detailed instructions for hugging, kissing, caressing, biting, various positions, oral sex and more. It discusses wives and courtesans, and gives some advice on picking up women.

The Perfumed Garden of Sensual Delight (الروض العاطر في نزهة الخاطر‎) Muhammad ibn Muhammad al-Nafzawi was written in Arabic, probably around 1410-1434. It give advice on sexual techniques, sexual health, how to stay attractive. There is a full English translation online by Burton, however claimed to not be very correct. There is a more correct translation by Colville, 1999.

Jīn Píng Méi (金瓶梅) is considered the fifth great classical Chinese novel, most of the time banned due to its explicit descriptions of sex. Jīn Píng Méi (Golden Lotus) is one of three central female characters, along with Li Peng’er (Little Vase) and Peng Chunmei (Spring Plum Blossoms).

The Ananga Ranga (Stage of Love) or Kamaledhiplava (Boat in the Sea of Love) is a sex manual intended to keep couples together. It originates from India. It was allegedly noted down by the poet Kalyana malla somewhere in the 15th or 16th century. The work is said to be in written to the honour of Lad Khan who was the son of Ahmed Khan Lodi. The Lodi dynasty ruled Delhi from 1451 to 1526. A translation from 1885 by Sir Richard Francis Burton is available.

What is the traditional sexual fiction in your country or on your continent? Share with us!