Friday, March 12, 2010

Swedish male g-spot encounter

Oslo, spring time, sunshine, ships in the harbour, blond hair, blue eyes, the Scandinavian openness for sexual techniques and carnal pleasures. She was visiting from Sweden, she had a drink on Karl-Johann, the main street of the Norwegian capital. She looked me straight into the eyes, glancing flirtatiously my way, where I was having a glass of wine in a street bar, watching the tall people pass me by. She looked Nordic. Proud, smart, modern, free. White blouse, black belt, knee-short skirt. Her fingertips fiddling with her glass, a slight blush spreading across her chest and neck, crossing her legs, uncrossing them again. White stay-ups with a broad line, seen through the vent of the skirt.

We ended up talking, walking down to the ships along the quay. Scandinavian women, what a cliché, still, she knew what she wanted, did not give in to the regular cat and dog play. She said, ”kom upp med mig”, come up with me, join me in my hotel room. ”I’m only here for business, business, and business, I need to play a bit as well.” She knew there was no one that could resist an her invitation.

In her lush hotel suite, with a view of the bay, a large, soft double bed occupied a major part of one of the three rooms. Satin sheets. A pair of white lace panties and a matching bra were thrown across the seat of an armchair close to the bed. A small, elegant white Louis Vuitton handbag on the bedside table, was open and I could see something round and golden sticking out of it, it did certainly look like a dildo.

”Klä av dig, snygging”, she said. Get undressed. She opened the belt of my pants, and pulled apart the buttons in my jeans… Then turned away, and crawled up on bed on all fours, digging down into her bag. She turned her head around, ”what are you waiting for? Get undressed.” Removing my shoes, I let my pants slide down to my feet and removed them. Got rid of my socks, and stood there in underwear and shirt. ”Good”, she said with a smile.

”Now come lie down here…”, she said, patting the bedspread. I went over to the bed, and lay across the bed on my side. She pushed me over, down on my back. In a move, she pulled my underwear down my legs. This woman that just half an hour ago was a complete stranger, was now admiring my legs, stealing a glance at my cock and testicles. She touched my penis, jerked it a bit softly, and saw it grow. ”Wonderful”. She bent down between my legs and took it between her lips, into her warm mouth, and gave it a few quick draws. ”Mmmh”.

She turned around, and out of the bag she pulled out a gold-plated dildo in one hand, and a small bottle in the other. On all four, her skirt had slid up her thighs, and I could see her white, gauze string panties disappearing between her buttocks. She turned back to me with a smile. ”Now I’ll make you come, baby”.

She pushed my legs towards my chest. I was there, in only my shirt, on my back, with my legs separated quite wide. She placed the bottle above my crotch and dripped down lubricant… it rained on my cock, but also on my butt, my thighs, my orifice. With one hand she smeared it out, caressing my scrotum, gently touching my twitching member, and squeezed my buttocks, and gave it a little slap with her palm. She added more lube on my bottom hole. I could feel it run between my butt cheeks and down on the bed spread.

She took the dildo in her hand, lifted it to her nose and smelled it, and then smiled as thinking of a fond memory, only to lower it in front of me, drenching it in lube. ”Now”, she said, and held my scrotom, ”let’s”, and put the tip of the dildo against my hole. I can still feel the slighltly cold metal against my butt, against the liquid surface, and see her mesmerized gaze between my legs, as she gently pushed it inside of me.

”So, there, now”, she said, pushing it even further, ”feels ok?”. It slid into me. It was a very odd feeling, first time, very forbidden, but still enormously arousing, and extremely pleasurable. It was now almost ten centimeter inside me. She then turned the end of it, and I could hear the engine inside it, making it start vibrating. I twitched… That felt good. She started lightly moving it in and out of me, only a centimeter or two, back and forth. Slowly, gently. In and out. Lovingly. Then she slid it out a bit more, a bit more, until, suddenly my body really jerked, involuntarily. ”Ah”, she said, ”there we are”. She shifted the pressure ever so slightly towards my pelvis. I twitched again. I could feel it moving inside me. Touching a place I’d never known was there before. It felt amazing, and my penis grew very hard, pointing up towards her, where she was sitting, still in her blouse and skirt, in her hotelroom. Fucking me gently with a dildo.

Then she turned me over, dildo still in my behind. She placed my on all fours in bed. Her lips biting my buttock, her hand holding the dildo, moving it in minimal circles. I actually heard myself start moaning, with a deep tone, as from deep within. She slapped my butt. Her other hand snuck its way around my waist and gripped my penis. She slid her fingers around it, but carefully avoided to jerk it. It felt incredible, so exposed, and vulnerable, and intense. She continued with light pressure on that perfect spot within… my breath was so fast, too much oxygen, swirling mind, glimpse of her in the mirror, on her knees behind me, the sunlight through the window, a neighbouring hotel guest in the windows opposite? The waves of pleasure arrived faster and faster, more and more intense. I felt like I was going to explode, too pee all over her bed spread, to make a huge mess… Just a little more, of her delicate aid, just a little more, vibration, vibrating… and a complete release of semen spurted out all over her bed, a cascade of come. She quickly turned me over again, placed her lips around my wet cock… and slid the vibrator out of me while licking away the last drips.


That was my initiation to this secret male g-spot technique, what an exquisite sexual detail, that all men can experience with the right touch.

My best wishes in your exploration and play in trying to have this extraordinary male anal orgasm…

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