Friday, March 26, 2010

Sexual Dialogues: Secret Dreams Exposed

Writing about sexual techinques from all over the world does have its perks. One of them is that we are often contacted by fantastic people, who share their inner thoughs and ideas about sex. In a series of articles, we will expose to you these sexual dialogs, word by word, the uncensored version, with all the most intimate sexual details. All names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Jenny is a lovely woman in her mid twenties, from a small town in Texas. She quite a voluptuous bosom, dark curly hair down to her shoulders, always in a cowboy hat and bolo tie, a deliciously milky white skin, soft like a satin sheet, always made up in ripe cherry lipstick, winking secretly with her long, sensual eye-lashes.

Melicita is a tall, gorgeous lady from Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Her lightly tanned skin reflects the South American sun, making her radiate like a goddess, a mix of the proud ancient Maya and Inka blood, endowing her with eyes like oil wells, with a violently breathtaking Spanish and Portuguese mind, combined with clear-cut features and face framed by a long, blond, thick hair due to a tiny slice of German heritage. She was a live jasmin, a delicate flower of lust.

Sexual Details Chat Roulette

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