Friday, March 26, 2010

Sexual Dialogues: Luscious Argentinian shares intimate details

In our series of Sexual Dialogues, exposing deliciously intimate sexual details and dreams, we this time turn to Melicita, a tall, gorgeous lady from Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Her lightly tanned skin reflects the South American sun, making her radiate like a goddess, a mix of the pround ancient Maya and Inka blood, endowing her with eyes like oil wells, with a violently breathtaking Spanish and Portuguese mind, combined with clear-cut features and face framed by a long, blond, thick hair due to a tiny slice of German heritage.

12:52 Sexual Details says:
morning, or afternoon baby
i'm on my way to an art exhibition
champagne and models
you, been a good girl?

12:52 Sexual Details says:
or else
your butt will be all red

12:52 Melicita says:
i know

12:53 Sexual Details says:
and I'd have you scream "i like it, more, mooooore"...

12:53 Melicita says:
give me all
yes, i'm a "screamer"

12:53 Sexual Details says:
i just love that...
yes, a screamer
the more the better

12:54 Melicita says:
good have this chat
before your cultural moment

12:55 Sexual Details says:
yes, they'll wonder why I have a Greek statue in my pants
I like quickies like that...anywhere, everywhere... ahaha
anyways, cutie
I've got to go!

12:55 Melicita says:
go, go and confuse
the ladies
with that big stuff
u have in your pants

12:56 Sexual Details says:

12:55 Melicita says:
here in Buenos Aires it's hot
i don't use nothing under my little skirt

Sexual Details says (16:25):
you temptress

Sexual Details says (16:26):
have you given it a full brazilian yet? or still the european style? jajaj

16:33 Melicita says:
still the european
you look like that hot american actor...

16:36 Sexual Details says:
yeah, when I don't shave
when I don't, it's even better

16:37 Melicita says:

16:37 Sexual Details says:
you'll like it, when you can fantasize when I get on top of you
it's a bonus

16:39 Melicita says:
such a bastard
me estoy muriendo de risa
sos muy divertido

16:40 Sexual Details says:
don't die
there are things I need you for

16:41 Sexual Details says:
and who would then provide us with bread?

16:44 Melicita says:
just because you need something from me
because u need my bread

16:44 Sexual Details says:
did you know that pieces of bread is slang in Scandinavia for boobs?
of course you didn't

16:45 Melicita says:
i don't know the salang
your slang
i don't even know the argentinian

16:47 Sexual Details says:
it'll be our secret
when you ask me
quieres un poco de pan?
I know what you want

16:49 Melicita says:
of course u know

16:49 Melicita says:
i'm looking your pictures
trying to discover
the "piece"

Sexual Details says (16:49):
you're looking for a baguette
I see

Melicita says (16:49):

Sexual Details says (16:49):
and if you add

Sexual Details says (16:50):
"y quieres algo a beber"
then I know you are in a real need

Melicita says (16:50):
pan relleno
y con hambreeeeeeeeeee

Sexual Details says (16:50):
you little horny girl

Sexual Details says (16:51):
oh, did I say horny
I meant hungry

Melicita says (16:51):

Sexual Details says (16:51):
are you sitting on a chair at the moment?

Melicita says (16:52):
have my hand

Sexual Details says (16:52):
where mine should be?

Melicita says (16:53):
first on my tits

Sexual Details says (16:53):
I like your tits, though I can't get a good look
such a shame

Melicita says (16:53):
they're big
for your hand
touch it!

Sexual Details says (16:54):
mmh, full and juicy
with hard nipples... or they will be

Melicita says (16:54):
they are now

Sexual Details says (16:55):
like me

Melicita says (16:55):
now, go down
i want u touch another thing
is warm
and wet

Sexual Details says (16:56):
mmh... all juicy
what are you thinking about, and you're all humid like this, you sexy woman

Melicita says (16:56):
i'm thinking about
your mmmmm

Melicita says (16:57):
como es???

Sexual Details says (16:57):
it's big... and hard
and wet at the top... glistening

Melicita says (16:57):
yes, i wanna see it

Melicita says (16:58):
i wanna lick it
the head

Sexual Details says (16:58):
do you like the taste?

Melicita says (16:58):
yes, of course
i love it

Melicita says (16:59):
i lick it all
form the base
to the top

Sexual Details says (16:59):
mmmh, such a tease

Sexual Details says (17:00):
your imagination turns me on
naughty argentinian

Melicita says (17:00):
i'm worse that u think
but I'm cute, it's cute

Sexual Details says (17:00):
you seem like a good girl

Melicita says (17:01):
i wanna tie you
and lick all your body

Sexual Details says (17:01):
really... in bed?
all streched out?

Melicita says (17:02):
yes, or in a pole

Sexual Details says (17:02):
a pole, standing?

Melicita says (17:02):
and lick it lick it lick it
yes, a little bit
after i tie
in bed
and i sit on you

Sexual Details says (17:03):
mmh... i love that
especially if you sit on my face first...
i'm a bit of a pervert, lo sabes bien, jajaj

Melicita says (17:03):
i do that
becouse i know
u wanna kiss my tits
but u can't

Sexual Details says (17:04):
and lick your nipples

Melicita says (17:04):
u say to me
but i don't...

Sexual Details says (17:04):
so you sit in front of me?

Melicita says (17:04):

Sexual Details says (17:04):
squatting on top of my belly?

Melicita says (17:05):

Sexual Details says (17:05):
and thighs really wide apart

Melicita says (17:06):

Sexual Details says (17:06):
so that I can admire you...

Melicita says (17:06):
i ride on you

Sexual Details says (17:06):
and I can feel your labia wet against my belly

Melicita says (17:06):

Sexual Details says (17:07):
mmh... that's so sexy
if my hands are free... I will place my hands on your butt cheeks... squueze them tight

Melicita says (17:08):
i turn
so, u can see
my cheeks
when i'm on you

Sexual Details says (17:08):
mmh, that's just too hot
i love a sexy ass

Melicita says (17:08):
u see all

Melicita says (17:09):
and your cock going in...out
over and over again

Sexual Details says (17:09):
mmmh... how it slides into your wet cunt
and your butt cheeks push together for each move up and down

Sexual Details says (17:10):
and I'm thinking of how good it would be to lick you there
and taste you

Melicita says (17:11):
i'm all wet

Sexual Details says (17:12):
and tease your butt with a finger, just going inside
soaking, honey

Melicita says (17:12):

Sexual Details says (17:13):
i'd like to see you come in a big, juicy orgasm

Melicita says (17:13):
i scream like a slut

Sexual Details says (17:13):
i love that...
what do you scream?
what can the neighbours hear?

Melicita says (17:13):
fuck me
like that

Melicita says (17:14):
or harder

Sexual Details says (17:14):
tell me in spanish

Melicita says (17:14):
te diria
cogeme, cogeme asi
si si, asi
metemela toda
que me encanta sentir tu pija adentro mio

Sexual Details says (17:15):
mmh... nasty
i like that

Sexual Details says (17:16):
me gusta mucho

Melicita says (17:16):
a mi ms
voy a querer que me tires
la leche en la boca

Sexual Details says (17:16):
so you get up all juiced up

Sexual Details says (17:17):
and turn around
facing towards me
but i'm still tied... you can do what you want

Melicita says (17:18):
i do what i want
sometimes i go slow, then hard

Melicita says (17:19):
after i wanna lick your cock again

Sexual Details says (17:19):
they say bad girls suck
and good girls swallow

Melicita says (17:20):
i do both honey

Sexual Details says (17:20):
mmh... i enjoy slutty girls that make me come several times like that

Melicita says (17:21):
even if u don't wanna come
i just lick
and u can't do nothing

Sexual Details says (17:21):
what delicious torture

Sexual Details says (17:22):
but... I like when you come on my face, too... actually

Sexual Details says (17:23):
I enjoy being a bit... abused

Melicita says (17:24):
if u lick me i come
i come a lot

Sexual Details says (17:24):
mmmh.. perfect

Sexual Details says (17:25):
just place your knees on each side of my head
and lower yourself onto my lips
and I'll lick you until you flood my face...
that'd be so juicy

Melicita says (17:25):
Si...! si!!
make melicita come!
me gusta muchissimo...
i will
so wet

Sexual Details says (17:27):
good baby...
glad I can help you, cutie...

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