Friday, March 26, 2010

Sexual Dialogues: Feisty Texan girl desires

In our series Sexual Dialogues, on exposing the most intimate sexual details, dreams and desires of our readers, we will now introduce you to Jenny. She is a lovely woman in her mid twenties, from a small town in Texas. She's quite a voluptuous bosom, dark curly hair down to her shoulders, always in a cowboy hat and bolo tie, a deliciously milky white skin, soft like a satin sheet, always made up in ripe cherry lipstick, winking secretly with her long, sensual eye-lashes.

Jenny says (04:01):

Sexual Details says (04:01):
whats up?

Jenny says (04:01):
Sorry I was in the other room watching tv

Sexual Details says (04:02):
where are you?

Jenny says (04:02):
in texas
where are you
my computer is in another room

Sexual Details says (04:03):
I'm in Spain

Jenny says (04:03):
very nice

Sexual Details says (04:03):

Jenny says (04:04):
come get me and bring me back there with you

Sexual Details says (04:04):
hey, I'm in bed

Jenny says (04:04):
yea its hot here too

Sexual Details says (04:04):
so that would be perfect

Jenny says (04:04):
this is true

Sexual Details says (04:04):
I'm in the mood for a squeeze

Jenny says (04:05):
nothing like a tuscan squeeze
ha ha ha
what time is it there?

Sexual Details says (04:05):
yeah, it's warm enough to go outside and roll around in the grass, even though it's 4 am

Jenny says (04:06):
are you there ? for work?
ha ha ha I bet it is

Sexual Details says (04:06):
just visiting a friend

Sexual Details says (04:07):
so it'd have to be a quiet squeeze ...

Jenny says (04:07):
very nice....... I dont like to be quiet

Sexual Details says (04:07):
me neither... and I love loud women...

Jenny says (04:08):
ha ha ha
how long are you there for

Sexual Details says (04:08):
well I was in hamburg first, staying with a friend
then I got here wednesday
and I think I'm staying until uh the weekend or so

Jenny says (04:09):
must be nice to travel around Europe

Sexual Details says (04:09):
oh, it is

Jenny says (04:09):
I would love to travel
I miss traveling

Sexual Details says (04:09):
I bet

Sexual Details says (04:10):
but staying with friends has one downside, and that is how many people you can drag home... ,)

Jenny says (04:10):
ha ha ha oh really?
so .....

Sexual Details says (04:11):
so I'm really horny

Jenny says (04:11):
how many women are you dragging home a night now a days
I see
where are you originally from now again?

Sexual Details says (04:11):

Jenny says (04:12):
I thought I remembered you saying you were scandinavian
I love sweden!!!
and norway too
ha ha ah

Sexual Details says (04:13):
haven't been to texas

Jenny says (04:13):
my first concert I ever went to was a danish rock band .... and I love them still.hahaha

Sexual Details says (04:13):

Jenny says (04:14):
have you been to the states at all?
yes I have always had a weird love of scandinavians and scandinavian culture.

Sexual Details says (04:15):
only ny, san francisco and colorado
but I'll have to go

Sexual Details says (04:16):
if not to reasearch for a project

Jenny says (04:16):
your what?

Sexual Details says (04:17):
it's just that site with sex techniques from around the world

Jenny says (04:18):
so this the only thing you do for a living?

Jenny says (04:19):
going around the world looking for sex techniques? Then you write about it.. what you have learned

Sexual Details says (04:19):
quite a few things

Jenny says (04:19):
and they are??

Sexual Details says (04:20):
you'll just have to read about it later over there, i guess... ?
but lets just say I do enjoy a mouthfull these days

Sexual Details says (04:21):

Jenny says (04:21):
maybe so
a mouthfull of what

Sexual Details says (04:21):
oh i think you can figure that out

Jenny says (04:22):
what turns you on more
or touch

Sexual Details says (04:23):
I like seeing a hot body
in lingerie...
i have enough imagination

Jenny says (04:23):
I bet

Jenny says (04:24):
describe what YOUR version of a hot body is

Jenny says (04:25):
what you want it to look like

Sexual Details says (04:25):
that differs so much from woman to woman

Jenny says (04:25):
why is that

Sexual Details says (04:25):
most important of all is that she feels hot and sexy herself
that she is in a seductive mood

Jenny says (04:25):
always there

Jenny says (04:26):
Im italian so its kinda in my blood to just know how to be seductive

Sexual Details says (04:27):
I noticed at the beach

Sexual Details says (04:28):
it's hard to walk along the sea
with a constrant hard-on bulging in my swimming trunks

Jenny says (04:28):
ha ha ha very nice

Jenny says (04:29):
I bet it was difficult

Sexual Details says (04:29):
I have to confess I just love a nice, round butt
and there are plenty of them
and nicely tanned

Jenny says (04:29):
well what can I say..... its a family curse
thats what I call it

Sexual Details says (04:29):

Sexual Details says (04:30):
I love to dig into that curse anytime

Jenny says (04:30):
cause its just there
ha ha ha oh really now??
and what makes you so drawn to me

Sexual Details says (04:31):
my libido?

Jenny says (04:31):
just like all men
ha ha ha

Jenny says (04:32):
so nothing special other than just your raging hard on at the moment?
ha ha ha

Sexual Details says (04:33):
well I'm sure you'd find a place to put it away

Jenny says (04:35):
well thats a no brainer. Im a woman and you're a man. I have a pussy and you have a throbbing member and you have a need to stick it somwhere.
am I right? or wrong?

Sexual Details says (04:36):
well duh
but don't forget lips and mouth
they come in handy
at moments like this

Jenny says (04:36):

Jenny says (04:37):
I like kissing
it gets things on the way to where you want to go

Sexual Details says (04:37):
I love it.

Jenny says (04:38):
kissing ?

Sexual Details says (04:38):

Jenny says (04:38):
what in your mind is so good about it

Sexual Details says (04:39):
just the feeling of my lips against yours... tongue against yours... tasting you, your lips... playing

Jenny says (04:39):
raw passion

Jenny says (04:40):
stealing one

Sexual Details says (04:41):

Jenny says (04:42):

Sexual Details says (04:42):
and the way it can move
from neck
to breasts

Jenny says (04:43):
now my neck is my sweet spot.... add a little nibble to that and Im all yours.

Sexual Details says (04:43):
nibble your ears?

Jenny says (04:43):
where is your fave spot to kiss on a woman?

Jenny says (04:44):
no I dont like my ears nibbled on but I do love to nibble on them

Sexual Details says (04:45):
mmh... the neck... nipples... just above the butt... inner thighs... and pussy, naturalmente

Jenny says (04:46):
I see

Jenny says (04:47):
so you cumming to texas would just be more research for you?

Sexual Details says (04:47):
would you mind?

Jenny says (04:47):

Jenny says (04:49):
Im the kind of person who would want to be used as research and then blogged about. So I guess in a way I kinda do

Sexual Details says (04:50):
haha... well

Jenny says (04:50):
well what

Sexual Details says (04:50):
nothing is personal on here
I mean, it's a nameless mix
it's not the person that is important
not a single person

Jenny says (04:51):
hum but still

Sexual Details says (04:51):
yeah, well, I wonder how you imagine it

Jenny says (04:52):
I admit a part of me would like to feel you touch me all over but not in the name of research.

Jenny says (04:53):
you chatting up a girl in a pub like most guys do to start
ha ha ha

Sexual Details says (04:54):
well, that can be arranged...

Jenny says (04:55):
what can

Sexual Details says (04:55):
i can just used what Ive learned so far,,,

Sexual Details says (04:56):
do you have any photo that I can drool over?

Jenny says (04:58):
like what do you mean

Sexual Details says (04:58):

Jenny says (04:59):
what kind of pics are you talking about

Sexual Details says (04:59):
oh, imaginative as I am, I can drool over any kind of photos
but one where not only the face is visible?

Sexual Details says (05:00):
I'd prefer half-clad artistic nudes, but I guess you don't stock a bunch of those

Jenny says (05:00):
what you dont like the current pic

Sexual Details says (05:00):
I do, it's just so small.

Jenny says (05:00):
I see

Sexual Details says (05:03):
I don't

Sexual Details says (05:04):
here in tuscany, the morning birds are singin

Jenny says (05:04):
I dont either

Jenny says (05:05):
were still not in bed cuddling

Sexual Details says (05:05):
i'm naked
so just slip under the covers

Jenny says (05:05):
ha ha ha

Jenny says (05:06):
oh if it were only that easy

Sexual Details says (05:06):
you'd put your back and butt against me
I'd caress your breasts

Jenny says (05:06):
I would

Sexual Details says (05:07):
and slide my cock into your pussy from behind, while kissing your neck
my hand sliding down between your thighs
to cirle your clit

Sexual Details says (05:08):
as I slide deeply into you... and out again...
that would be a beautful morning
your soft skin agains my chest

Jenny says (05:09):
That does sound nice
my soft tan glowing skin touching yours

Jenny says (05:10):
I sent you a pic

Sexual Details says (05:12):

Jenny says (05:12):
and Im going to send you a very very special pic
ready for it

Sexual Details says (05:12):
si, claro

Jenny says (05:12):
I sent it

Sexual Details says (05:14):
that's close

Jenny says (05:14):

Sexual Details says (05:15):
like an oyster

Jenny says (05:15):

Sexual Details says (05:15):
any of you as a whole?

Jenny says (05:15):

Jenny says (05:16):
not at the moment

Sexual Details says (05:16):
well maybe another day

Jenny says (05:16):

Jenny says (05:17):
is that good enough for you at the moment
the pic's that is

Sexual Details says (05:17):
Did you see that one we talked about earlier.
Where she squats down on this face?
Sitting down almost like she was going to pee?
I'd like that

Sexual Details says (05:18):
it looks deliciously juicy

Jenny says (05:18):
as would I like to do
well thaks for that comment

Sexual Details says (05:19):
i just love a lady sitting on my face... and that beautiful pussy
looking up between a pair of muscular thighs

Jenny says (05:19):
are you saying I have a beautiful pussy?

Sexual Details says (05:20):
it's very pretty

Jenny says (05:20):

Sexual Details says (05:20):
and those labia look delicious to suck on

Jenny says (05:20):
oh and you should taste it too

Sexual Details says (05:21):
just squat a bit harder...

Sexual Details says (05:22):
and your taste will be all over my face

Jenny says (05:22):
ha ha ha I wish I could

Sexual Details says (05:22):
I'm glad you like it
some girls would say it would be too dominant

Jenny says (05:22):
I love sex

Jenny says (05:23):
I would love to sit on your face

Sexual Details says (05:23):
how does it feel?

Jenny says (05:23):
Im an italian woman ... we have no problems with being too dominant.

Jenny says (05:24):

Sexual Details says (05:24):
i just love it... and I would love it now

Jenny says (05:24):
as would I

Jenny says (05:25):
would you spank that round ass of mine that you love soooo much

Sexual Details says (05:26):
my mouth tasting your pussy... tongue deep inside... your butt cheeks around my face... my nose smelling all of you... dangerously close to your butthole...
I'd love to spank it hard
get you on all fours

Jenny says (05:27):
how about you have me up against a wall my legs wrapped around your waist and you fuck me up against a wall

Sexual Details says (05:28):

Jenny says (05:28):
then you let me go
turn me around
and bend me over the back of a sofa

Jenny says (05:29):
and slide it back in.... deeper than before, as you slap and grab my ass

Sexual Details says (05:30):
mmmh I love to see my hard cock slip in between your wet pussy lips

Jenny says (05:30):
watching my back arch glowing with sweat from our bodies.

Sexual Details says (05:30):
slapping your ass

Jenny says (05:31):
you lick it off my back
as you listen to me moan

Sexual Details says (05:31):
playing with your butt with one finger...
squeezing your breasts

Sexual Details says (05:32):
parting your buttcheeks to reach deeper

Jenny says (05:32):
fuck me
I whisper

Jenny says (05:33):
you pick me up and lay me down on the table

Sexual Details says (05:33):
you make me so hard

Jenny says (05:34):
On my side as you mount again, one leg long and over your shoulder.
show me how hard you are

Sexual Details says (05:34):

Jenny says (05:34):
you are on your knees and between my thighs

Sexual Details says (05:35):
seeing my cock swallowed

Sexual Details says (05:36):
by your warm wet grip

Jenny says (05:36):
you touch my breasts glowing in the moonlight covered our sweat

Jenny says (05:37):
as I cum all over you once again .... you keep going

Sexual Details says (05:37):

Jenny says (05:38):
never stopping cause you are not done

Sexual Details says (05:38):
building up pressure

Jenny says (05:38):
you flip me over once again

Jenny says (05:39):
now Im on all fours as you plunge in once again
Im even wetter now

Sexual Details says (05:39):

Sexual Details says (05:40):
all messy

Jenny says (05:40):
as you pull me back a little bit by my hair
and you push deeper into me

Sexual Details says (05:41):
what a hot pussy
and your wet cunt makes me all wet
with every thrust

Jenny says (05:42):
you grab by my hips and thrust deeper and deeper.

Sexual Details says (05:42):
i can't go on much longer

Sexual Details says (05:43):
feeling come build up

Jenny says (05:43):
what feeling is that

Sexual Details says (05:43):
mmha... like a sucking feeling in the crotch

Jenny says (05:44):
let it go

Sexual Details says (05:44):
I want to pump you full...

Sexual Details says (05:45):
...and shoot the last on your butt... between your butt cheeks

Jenny says (05:45):
and watch it drip down between my cheeks

Sexual Details says (05:46):
exactly, what a hot vision

Jenny says (05:46):
I want to feel you inside me

Sexual Details says (05:47):
and then I'll slide my hard dick around in that semen... from inside your pussy... up between your buttcheeks... making a real mess

Jenny says (05:48):

Sexual Details says (05:49):
thinking that next time... I'll slip it in back there...
what a nice lay

Jenny says (05:50):
what is a nice lay me or the thought of putting it in my ass

Sexual Details says (05:50):

Jenny says (05:51):
Oh you have no idea how good I am baby

Sexual Details says (05:51):
i have an idea
of just how good

Jenny says (05:52):
oh really

Sexual Details says (05:52):

Jenny says (05:53):
and if we get ahold of food.....
oh the fun we will have

Sexual Details says (05:53):
oh la la
now I get curious

Jenny says (05:54):
I but you are

Jenny says (05:55):
did I mention that as you are fucking me I would run my nails all down your back and body
and they are long and currently a blood red

Jenny says (05:56):
now food

Sexual Details says (05:56):
I adore nails
on my back

Jenny says (05:57):
when you come home from work one day I will be on the dinning room table naked......
whipcream on my breasts and pussy
cherries on my nipples

Sexual Details says (05:58):

Jenny says (05:58):
chocolate sauce drizzled across my stomach

Sexual Details says (05:58):
starting with dessert I see

Jenny says (05:59):
cherry in my bellybutton
yes, would you rather eat sushi off my body first?

Sexual Details says (05:59):
you're too sexy

Sexual Details says (06:00):
oh... I'll love having dinner with you
off you

Jenny says (06:01):
Yum, yah. Going to bed soon? Thought you were.

Sexual Details says (06:01):
yep I was
until I found this video, a beautiful woman is..
..sitting on a man's face, she's so horny..

Jenny says (06:03):
I see
so you have been busy
ha ha ha

Sexual Details says (06:03):
I'm so hard...

Sexual Details says (06:04):
I just love the way she locked down his head with her feet...

Jenny says (06:04):
send me a pic of just how hard you are

Jenny says (06:05):
I would straddle your face like that

Sexual Details says (06:05):
you'd like that?

Jenny says (06:06):
what being over your face with my wet pussy?

Sexual Details says (06:07):

Jenny says (06:07):
Yes I just might

Jenny says (06:09):
But I would be sucking your cock too

Sexual Details says (06:09):

Jenny says (06:09):
She did not do that

Sexual Details says (06:09):
first you'd just sit
then you could bend forward to suck me
but then I'll lick your pussy and ass as well...

Sexual Details says (06:10):
i just love the feeling of a juicy wet hot pussy all over my face, all messy and tasty

Jenny says (06:11):
What is your fav thing to do to a woman.
I do taste good if I do say so

Sexual Details says (06:11):
yesss... there are many things
but licking pussy is a favourite

Jenny says (06:12):
why is that ?

Sexual Details says (06:12):
or anywhere down there that makes you going
mmmh... i just love the smell... and taste... and the soft feeling of the labia...
...and the way it makes you moan and twist

Jenny says (06:13):
anything else?

Jenny says (06:14):
you would like to do to me?

Sexual Details transfering:

Sexual Details says (06:15):
I always love to fuck from behind

Sexual Details says (06:16):
against a wall
on all four

Jenny says (06:16):
I love that feeling too, all guys like to fuck from behind

Sexual Details says (06:16):
when you lie down on bed, legs together

Jenny says (06:16):
am I on my stomach or on my back

Sexual Details says (06:17):
on your stomach

Jenny says (06:17):

Jenny says (06:18):
Im very flexiable
so do with me what you will
ha ha ha

Sexual Details says (06:18):
I also like to put your pegs up on my shoulders

Jenny says (06:19):
I can do that with very little effort
my long tan legs....

Jenny says (06:20):
draped over your shoulders

Sexual Details says (06:20):
you pull them next to your head

Jenny says (06:20):

Sexual Details says (06:21):
this is nice... it opens your pussy up beautifully, like a picture
both for tasting it first
and then for sinking myself into you

Jenny says (06:21):

Sexual Details says (06:21):
even your butt, if you are in the mood for it

Jenny says (06:26):
I have not had good times with that butt.... Im very willing to give it another go with someone who is willing to be easy with it

Sexual Details says (06:26):
mmh... me, too

Sexual Details says (06:27):
some girls that do things with their fingers there do not realise that nails are sharp
but I love it
so I let them play anyawy

Jenny says (06:27):
I had the best cum when I did have anal sex
the best

Jenny says (06:28):
I would rather you play with it
not me.

Sexual Details says (06:28):
play with myself?

Transfer of Jenny.bmp is ready.

Jenny says (06:29):
no you play with my ass

Sexual Details says (06:29):
yes, m'am

Jenny says (06:30):
I just got your pic

Sexual Details says (06:30):
notice there is a drop dripping

Jenny says (06:30):
very big and throbbing

Jenny says (06:31):
yea I saw that

Jenny says (06:33):
very nice

Sexual Details says (06:33):
thanks, darling

Jenny says (06:34):
I make me want you inside me

Sexual Details says (06:34):
yeah? your pussy gets a little wet and horny?

Jenny says (06:35):
First off let me say Im always always horny

Sexual Details says (06:36):
that's a quality to appreciate

Jenny says (06:36):
ha ha ha I hope so

Sexual Details says (06:36):
I do

Sexual Details says (06:37):
lift up the skirt when you are cooking... and caress a wet pussy
stop by at work, and eat you up in the bathroom

Jenny says (06:38):
sit in front of me while Im cooking and have a snach snack of your very own
and guess what else....
I never ware panties

Sexual Details says (06:39):

Jenny says (06:39):
they get in the way

Sexual Details says (06:39):
I love that surprise
looking up a skirt and finding out it's just pussy lips and fuzzy hair

Sexual Details says (06:40):
all too rare though

Jenny says (06:40):
no hair on me baby

Sexual Details says (06:40):
ah, sweet

Jenny says (06:40):
my pussy lips are smooth
and extra wet

Sexual Details says (06:40):
mmhh... makes me want them on my face even more

Jenny says (06:41):
maybe you should take a trip to Texas after all
soon too

Sexual Details says (06:42):
yeah, well, I wish I had the money for that...
But right now, continuing to Chennai in India next week, then Dubai the week after that, and Rome in August
so after that
I'm probably broke

Jenny says (06:43):

Sexual Details says (06:43):

Jenny says (06:44):
is this all for your research or for something else
work related

Sexual Details says (06:44):
something else
well, not next week
but paris and dubai are consultancy

Jenny says (06:45):
very nice
you will have to send me pics from all places

Jenny says (06:46):
Rome for sure
It would make me feel special if you would do this for me

Sexual Details says (06:47):
anyways, sexy
I've got to sleep now
catch you some other time
maybe you can send me a hot photo sometime?

Jenny says (06:48):
Ok I will take a shower and be there in a bit.... naked and dripping wet
every where

Sexual Details says (06:48):
shower until you come?

Jenny says (06:48):
Maybe you will get a sexy pic soon

Sexual Details says (06:49):
hope so

Jenny says (06:49):
no I will cum stright to bed right out of the shower

Jenny says (06:50):
and then I will cum all over your face

Sexual Details says (06:50):
that's just too sexy

Jenny says (06:51):
think you could handle it?

Sexual Details says (06:51):
how do you want me to handle it?
I'll lick you clean

Jenny says (06:51):
you can start with your mouth

Jenny says (06:52):
all over my body

Sexual Details says (06:52):

Sexual Details says (06:53):
any sweet spot?

Jenny says (06:53):
I told you already

Jenny says (06:54):
my neck.... and Im all yours

Sexual Details says (06:55):
ill bite your neck
like a lion

Jenny says (06:55):
that just gave me chills all over

Sexual Details says (06:56):
while caressing your breasts...
dream dream
anyways, me got to go...
happy shower
waiting for your wet pussy

Jenny says (06:56):
waiting for your cock

Sexual Details says (06:57):
ciao, bella

Jenny says (06:57):

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