Friday, March 12, 2010

French aphrodisiac memories of champagne

I have to admit it. Champagne does it for me. That pearly light golden dew of spiritual bubbles that enters the blood system and ignites both the heart and the mind. It puts me in a deliciously naughty mood, making glances longer and languishing looks more intense.

The sound of the restrained explosion releasing the cork, a divine potion poured from a bottle filled to the level of bursting, flooding glasses with its white foam, exploding with energy and joie de vivre.

Oh, how this carries my memories away to lustful moments around the world… A penthouse apartment in the 16th arrondissement on La Rive Droite in Paris. Trembling fingers sliding up luxurious cream white lace-clad legs… An eager duchesse daughter, exploring life and its fruits, a sweet rebellion against restricing catholic rules. Cheeks start to blossom and thoughts adventurously wander. From head, through waist, and straight into the blood vessel, into every nerve, every particle of our bodies, as we tasted each other’s adolescent skin, the bleak sunlight accentuating curves through the dormer window, revealing exquisite sexual details.

It is not only this desirable mix of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier from the French district of Champagne that does incite these frivolous feelings, but any fine sparkling dry wine from around the globe. Just think of the ripe grapes carefully harvested on mountains slopes in Chile and Argentina, a gently refined cava from Spain, an intense spumante from Italy, some delicious sekt from Germany or some eastern flavour from a glass of Ukrainian Krimsekt.

I wonder, are there similar drinks in India, what can give the same pleasure in Indonesia…? And what is the North American equivalent? What sets thoughts off wandering like that in California and Texas?

Granted, sparkling wine contains alcohol, a substance well-known to mankind as a life-giving aphrodisiac since its discovery. But what other things edible and drinkable are available to increase our lust, to arouse our sexual desires, to make us ready, willing, eager…? To make sex feel even better?

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