Friday, March 12, 2010

Female ejaculation squirting techniques how to

I learned this sexual detail, this wonderful technique of female squirting, while travelling in Kenya. This technique obviously works, though there is no thorough academic material on the amount of women that can ejaculate or gush out in large quantities, it is an area where more research and studies are needed.

What happens, in reality, is that a quite clear liquid is shot out by females, usually just before or during a deep and very pleasurable orgasm. There is some debate as to what this liquid consists of, though it has been established that it is not pee. It appears to be coming from the paraurethral ducts by the urethra. It can sometimes be in the form of a gush or spring, much more rich in amount than that of men, and sometimes much less, more of a sultry, sensuous trickle, but often between three and fifteen millilitres.

Some women, in belief that this is pee, can be very worried of releasing their come in bed. However, there are plenty of open-minded men that would love to experience the pleasure of having their women gush, and quite frankly, would not mind if the fluid was later found to be from a passionate piddle, a minor sexual detail between any aroused lovers in intercourse.

To learn this practice, an easy way for a woman to start trying, is to use a bathtub. This way, she will not feel unconfortable about risking to soil the bed linen, and relaxed in a private environment, suitable for erotic experimentation. Also, having a pee before trying will help you feel confident that your ejaculation is not only urine.

The area that is of importance is located on the front wall of the vagina. If you can locate your g-spot, that is the area with a spunge-like feeling, and slightly higher than it, you have located the right place. With quite firm strokes, press down on this spot. One thing to notice, is that it might take you quite some time to find this, and several minutes, perhaps up to even half an hour of pleasurable fingering, before you start to be able to feel that tingling tension and sensation. It will feel like you would like to go to pee.

Incidentally, this is the feeling many men experience, when they first ejaculate in their youth. For men as well, it feels like you have to piddle, but the feeling is so fantastic, men soon learn to control it, to let go in the moment of orgasm.

When you reach this state of feeling like you would like to go pee, you just continue. The feeling is amazing, and you can notice a tension bulding up in your vulva, your pelvis might thrust and arch, and a moan might escape from your panting mouth. Just continue, no matter what. The first times, you can actually help by pushing like you would when peeing, or like bearing down. Alternate that with relaxing completely, pushing, relaxing. It, of course, does not matter if you pee, that is just another love fluid. If you continue, you will eventually be rewarded for your pleasure-filled endeavour, and in your orgasm, a flow of liquid will be released from your pussy.

Now, it is only time to practice!
Perhaps you will some day share your findings with us here at Sexual Details.

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  1. After a long while of building up excitement for this.. I finally tried it. It took a while to get to it to do t right. But now Im so happy! I got my first wet orgasm ever, age 42!!!! Amazing, and my guy just loved it, so shocked at first! Thank you Sexual details!