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Sexual Dialogues: Secret Dreams Exposed

Writing about sexual techinques from all over the world does have its perks. One of them is that we are often contacted by fantastic people, who share their inner thoughs and ideas about sex. In a series of articles, we will expose to you these sexual dialogs, word by word, the uncensored version, with all the most intimate sexual details. All names have been changed to protect the innocent.
Jenny is a lovely woman in her mid twenties, from a small town in Texas. She quite a voluptuous bosom, dark curly hair down to her shoulders, always in a cowboy hat and bolo tie, a deliciously milky white skin, soft like a satin sheet, always made up in ripe cherry lipstick, winking secretly with her long, sensual eye-lashes.

Melicita is a tall, gorgeous lady from Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Her lightly tanned skin reflects the South American sun, making her radiate like a goddess, a mix of the proud ancient Maya and Inka blood, endowing her with eyes like oil wells, with a violently breathtaking Spanish and Portuguese mind, combined with clear-cut features and face framed by a long, blond, thick hair due to a tiny slice of German heritage. She was a live jasmin, a delicate flower of lust.

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Sexual Dialogues: Luscious Argentinian shares intimate details

In our series of Sexual Dialogues, exposing deliciously intimate sexual details and dreams, we this time turn to Melicita, a tall, gorgeous lady from Buenos Aires, in Argentina. Her lightly tanned skin reflects the South American sun, making her radiate like a goddess, a mix of the pround ancient Maya and Inka blood, endowing her with eyes like oil wells, with a violently breathtaking Spanish and Portuguese mind, combined with clear-cut features and face framed by a long, blond, thick hair due to a tiny slice of German heritage.

12:52 Sexual Details says:
morning, or afternoon baby
i'm on my way to an art exhibition
champagne and models
you, been a good girl?

12:52 Sexual Details says:
or else
your butt will be all red

12:52 Melicita says:
i know

12:53 Sexual Details says:
and I'd have you scream "i like it, more, mooooore"...

12:53 Melicita says:
give me all
yes, i'm a "screamer"

12:53 Sexual Details says:
i just love that...
yes, a screamer
the more the better

12:54 Melicita says:
good have this chat
before your cultural moment

12:55 Sexual Details says:
yes, they'll wonder why I have a Greek statue in my pants
I like quickies like that...anywhere, everywhere... ahaha
anyways, cutie
I've got to go!

12:55 Melicita says:
go, go and confuse
the ladies
with that big stuff
u have in your pants

12:56 Sexual Details says:

12:55 Melicita says:
here in Buenos Aires it's hot
i don't use nothing under my little skirt

Sexual Details says (16:25):
you temptress

Sexual Details says (16:26):
have you given it a full brazilian yet? or still the european style? jajaj

16:33 Melicita says:
still the european
you look like that hot american actor...

16:36 Sexual Details says:
yeah, when I don't shave
when I don't, it's even better

16:37 Melicita says:

16:37 Sexual Details says:
you'll like it, when you can fantasize when I get on top of you
it's a bonus

16:39 Melicita says:
such a bastard
me estoy muriendo de risa
sos muy divertido

16:40 Sexual Details says:
don't die
there are things I need you for

16:41 Sexual Details says:
and who would then provide us with bread?

16:44 Melicita says:
just because you need something from me
because u need my bread

16:44 Sexual Details says:
did you know that pieces of bread is slang in Scandinavia for boobs?
of course you didn't

16:45 Melicita says:
i don't know the salang
your slang
i don't even know the argentinian

16:47 Sexual Details says:
it'll be our secret
when you ask me
quieres un poco de pan?
I know what you want

16:49 Melicita says:
of course u know

16:49 Melicita says:
i'm looking your pictures
trying to discover
the "piece"

Sexual Details says (16:49):
you're looking for a baguette
I see

Melicita says (16:49):

Sexual Details says (16:49):
and if you add

Sexual Details says (16:50):
"y quieres algo a beber"
then I know you are in a real need

Melicita says (16:50):
pan relleno
y con hambreeeeeeeeeee

Sexual Details says (16:50):
you little horny girl

Sexual Details says (16:51):
oh, did I say horny
I meant hungry

Melicita says (16:51):

Sexual Details says (16:51):
are you sitting on a chair at the moment?

Melicita says (16:52):
have my hand

Sexual Details says (16:52):
where mine should be?

Melicita says (16:53):
first on my tits

Sexual Details says (16:53):
I like your tits, though I can't get a good look
such a shame

Melicita says (16:53):
they're big
for your hand
touch it!

Sexual Details says (16:54):
mmh, full and juicy
with hard nipples... or they will be

Melicita says (16:54):
they are now

Sexual Details says (16:55):
like me

Melicita says (16:55):
now, go down
i want u touch another thing
is warm
and wet

Sexual Details says (16:56):
mmh... all juicy
what are you thinking about, and you're all humid like this, you sexy woman

Melicita says (16:56):
i'm thinking about
your mmmmm

Melicita says (16:57):
como es???

Sexual Details says (16:57):
it's big... and hard
and wet at the top... glistening

Melicita says (16:57):
yes, i wanna see it

Melicita says (16:58):
i wanna lick it
the head

Sexual Details says (16:58):
do you like the taste?

Melicita says (16:58):
yes, of course
i love it

Melicita says (16:59):
i lick it all
form the base
to the top

Sexual Details says (16:59):
mmmh, such a tease

Sexual Details says (17:00):
your imagination turns me on
naughty argentinian

Melicita says (17:00):
i'm worse that u think
but I'm cute, it's cute

Sexual Details says (17:00):
you seem like a good girl

Melicita says (17:01):
i wanna tie you
and lick all your body

Sexual Details says (17:01):
really... in bed?
all streched out?

Melicita says (17:02):
yes, or in a pole

Sexual Details says (17:02):
a pole, standing?

Melicita says (17:02):
and lick it lick it lick it
yes, a little bit
after i tie
in bed
and i sit on you

Sexual Details says (17:03):
mmh... i love that
especially if you sit on my face first...
i'm a bit of a pervert, lo sabes bien, jajaj

Melicita says (17:03):
i do that
becouse i know
u wanna kiss my tits
but u can't

Sexual Details says (17:04):
and lick your nipples

Melicita says (17:04):
u say to me
but i don't...

Sexual Details says (17:04):
so you sit in front of me?

Melicita says (17:04):

Sexual Details says (17:04):
squatting on top of my belly?

Melicita says (17:05):

Sexual Details says (17:05):
and thighs really wide apart

Melicita says (17:06):

Sexual Details says (17:06):
so that I can admire you...

Melicita says (17:06):
i ride on you

Sexual Details says (17:06):
and I can feel your labia wet against my belly

Melicita says (17:06):

Sexual Details says (17:07):
mmh... that's so sexy
if my hands are free... I will place my hands on your butt cheeks... squueze them tight

Melicita says (17:08):
i turn
so, u can see
my cheeks
when i'm on you

Sexual Details says (17:08):
mmh, that's just too hot
i love a sexy ass

Melicita says (17:08):
u see all

Melicita says (17:09):
and your cock going in...out
over and over again

Sexual Details says (17:09):
mmmh... how it slides into your wet cunt
and your butt cheeks push together for each move up and down

Sexual Details says (17:10):
and I'm thinking of how good it would be to lick you there
and taste you

Melicita says (17:11):
i'm all wet

Sexual Details says (17:12):
and tease your butt with a finger, just going inside
soaking, honey

Melicita says (17:12):

Sexual Details says (17:13):
i'd like to see you come in a big, juicy orgasm

Melicita says (17:13):
i scream like a slut

Sexual Details says (17:13):
i love that...
what do you scream?
what can the neighbours hear?

Melicita says (17:13):
fuck me
like that

Melicita says (17:14):
or harder

Sexual Details says (17:14):
tell me in spanish

Melicita says (17:14):
te diria
cogeme, cogeme asi
si si, asi
metemela toda
que me encanta sentir tu pija adentro mio

Sexual Details says (17:15):
mmh... nasty
i like that

Sexual Details says (17:16):
me gusta mucho

Melicita says (17:16):
a mi ms
voy a querer que me tires
la leche en la boca

Sexual Details says (17:16):
so you get up all juiced up

Sexual Details says (17:17):
and turn around
facing towards me
but i'm still tied... you can do what you want

Melicita says (17:18):
i do what i want
sometimes i go slow, then hard

Melicita says (17:19):
after i wanna lick your cock again

Sexual Details says (17:19):
they say bad girls suck
and good girls swallow

Melicita says (17:20):
i do both honey

Sexual Details says (17:20):
mmh... i enjoy slutty girls that make me come several times like that

Melicita says (17:21):
even if u don't wanna come
i just lick
and u can't do nothing

Sexual Details says (17:21):
what delicious torture

Sexual Details says (17:22):
but... I like when you come on my face, too... actually

Sexual Details says (17:23):
I enjoy being a bit... abused

Melicita says (17:24):
if u lick me i come
i come a lot

Sexual Details says (17:24):
mmmh.. perfect

Sexual Details says (17:25):
just place your knees on each side of my head
and lower yourself onto my lips
and I'll lick you until you flood my face...
that'd be so juicy

Melicita says (17:25):
Si...! si!!
make melicita come!
me gusta muchissimo...
i will
so wet

Sexual Details says (17:27):
good baby...
glad I can help you, cutie...

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Sexual Dialogues: Feisty Texan girl desires

In our series Sexual Dialogues, on exposing the most intimate sexual details, dreams and desires of our readers, we will now introduce you to Jenny. She is a lovely woman in her mid twenties, from a small town in Texas. She's quite a voluptuous bosom, dark curly hair down to her shoulders, always in a cowboy hat and bolo tie, a deliciously milky white skin, soft like a satin sheet, always made up in ripe cherry lipstick, winking secretly with her long, sensual eye-lashes.

Jenny says (04:01):

Sexual Details says (04:01):
whats up?

Jenny says (04:01):
Sorry I was in the other room watching tv

Sexual Details says (04:02):
where are you?

Jenny says (04:02):
in texas
where are you
my computer is in another room

Sexual Details says (04:03):
I'm in Spain

Jenny says (04:03):
very nice

Sexual Details says (04:03):

Jenny says (04:04):
come get me and bring me back there with you

Sexual Details says (04:04):
hey, I'm in bed

Jenny says (04:04):
yea its hot here too

Sexual Details says (04:04):
so that would be perfect

Jenny says (04:04):
this is true

Sexual Details says (04:04):
I'm in the mood for a squeeze

Jenny says (04:05):
nothing like a tuscan squeeze
ha ha ha
what time is it there?

Sexual Details says (04:05):
yeah, it's warm enough to go outside and roll around in the grass, even though it's 4 am

Jenny says (04:06):
are you there ? for work?
ha ha ha I bet it is

Sexual Details says (04:06):
just visiting a friend

Sexual Details says (04:07):
so it'd have to be a quiet squeeze ...

Jenny says (04:07):
very nice....... I dont like to be quiet

Sexual Details says (04:07):
me neither... and I love loud women...

Jenny says (04:08):
ha ha ha
how long are you there for

Sexual Details says (04:08):
well I was in hamburg first, staying with a friend
then I got here wednesday
and I think I'm staying until uh the weekend or so

Jenny says (04:09):
must be nice to travel around Europe

Sexual Details says (04:09):
oh, it is

Jenny says (04:09):
I would love to travel
I miss traveling

Sexual Details says (04:09):
I bet

Sexual Details says (04:10):
but staying with friends has one downside, and that is how many people you can drag home... ,)

Jenny says (04:10):
ha ha ha oh really?
so .....

Sexual Details says (04:11):
so I'm really horny

Jenny says (04:11):
how many women are you dragging home a night now a days
I see
where are you originally from now again?

Sexual Details says (04:11):

Jenny says (04:12):
I thought I remembered you saying you were scandinavian
I love sweden!!!
and norway too
ha ha ah

Sexual Details says (04:13):
haven't been to texas

Jenny says (04:13):
my first concert I ever went to was a danish rock band .... and I love them still.hahaha

Sexual Details says (04:13):

Jenny says (04:14):
have you been to the states at all?
yes I have always had a weird love of scandinavians and scandinavian culture.

Sexual Details says (04:15):
only ny, san francisco and colorado
but I'll have to go

Sexual Details says (04:16):
if not to reasearch for a project

Jenny says (04:16):
your what?

Sexual Details says (04:17):
it's just that site with sex techniques from around the world

Jenny says (04:18):
so this the only thing you do for a living?

Jenny says (04:19):
going around the world looking for sex techniques? Then you write about it.. what you have learned

Sexual Details says (04:19):
quite a few things

Jenny says (04:19):
and they are??

Sexual Details says (04:20):
you'll just have to read about it later over there, i guess... ?
but lets just say I do enjoy a mouthfull these days

Sexual Details says (04:21):

Jenny says (04:21):
maybe so
a mouthfull of what

Sexual Details says (04:21):
oh i think you can figure that out

Jenny says (04:22):
what turns you on more
or touch

Sexual Details says (04:23):
I like seeing a hot body
in lingerie...
i have enough imagination

Jenny says (04:23):
I bet

Jenny says (04:24):
describe what YOUR version of a hot body is

Jenny says (04:25):
what you want it to look like

Sexual Details says (04:25):
that differs so much from woman to woman

Jenny says (04:25):
why is that

Sexual Details says (04:25):
most important of all is that she feels hot and sexy herself
that she is in a seductive mood

Jenny says (04:25):
always there

Jenny says (04:26):
Im italian so its kinda in my blood to just know how to be seductive

Sexual Details says (04:27):
I noticed at the beach

Sexual Details says (04:28):
it's hard to walk along the sea
with a constrant hard-on bulging in my swimming trunks

Jenny says (04:28):
ha ha ha very nice

Jenny says (04:29):
I bet it was difficult

Sexual Details says (04:29):
I have to confess I just love a nice, round butt
and there are plenty of them
and nicely tanned

Jenny says (04:29):
well what can I say..... its a family curse
thats what I call it

Sexual Details says (04:29):

Sexual Details says (04:30):
I love to dig into that curse anytime

Jenny says (04:30):
cause its just there
ha ha ha oh really now??
and what makes you so drawn to me

Sexual Details says (04:31):
my libido?

Jenny says (04:31):
just like all men
ha ha ha

Jenny says (04:32):
so nothing special other than just your raging hard on at the moment?
ha ha ha

Sexual Details says (04:33):
well I'm sure you'd find a place to put it away

Jenny says (04:35):
well thats a no brainer. Im a woman and you're a man. I have a pussy and you have a throbbing member and you have a need to stick it somwhere.
am I right? or wrong?

Sexual Details says (04:36):
well duh
but don't forget lips and mouth
they come in handy
at moments like this

Jenny says (04:36):

Jenny says (04:37):
I like kissing
it gets things on the way to where you want to go

Sexual Details says (04:37):
I love it.

Jenny says (04:38):
kissing ?

Sexual Details says (04:38):

Jenny says (04:38):
what in your mind is so good about it

Sexual Details says (04:39):
just the feeling of my lips against yours... tongue against yours... tasting you, your lips... playing

Jenny says (04:39):
raw passion

Jenny says (04:40):
stealing one

Sexual Details says (04:41):

Jenny says (04:42):

Sexual Details says (04:42):
and the way it can move
from neck
to breasts

Jenny says (04:43):
now my neck is my sweet spot.... add a little nibble to that and Im all yours.

Sexual Details says (04:43):
nibble your ears?

Jenny says (04:43):
where is your fave spot to kiss on a woman?

Jenny says (04:44):
no I dont like my ears nibbled on but I do love to nibble on them

Sexual Details says (04:45):
mmh... the neck... nipples... just above the butt... inner thighs... and pussy, naturalmente

Jenny says (04:46):
I see

Jenny says (04:47):
so you cumming to texas would just be more research for you?

Sexual Details says (04:47):
would you mind?

Jenny says (04:47):

Jenny says (04:49):
Im the kind of person who would want to be used as research and then blogged about. So I guess in a way I kinda do

Sexual Details says (04:50):
haha... well

Jenny says (04:50):
well what

Sexual Details says (04:50):
nothing is personal on here
I mean, it's a nameless mix
it's not the person that is important
not a single person

Jenny says (04:51):
hum but still

Sexual Details says (04:51):
yeah, well, I wonder how you imagine it

Jenny says (04:52):
I admit a part of me would like to feel you touch me all over but not in the name of research.

Jenny says (04:53):
you chatting up a girl in a pub like most guys do to start
ha ha ha

Sexual Details says (04:54):
well, that can be arranged...

Jenny says (04:55):
what can

Sexual Details says (04:55):
i can just used what Ive learned so far,,,

Sexual Details says (04:56):
do you have any photo that I can drool over?

Jenny says (04:58):
like what do you mean

Sexual Details says (04:58):

Jenny says (04:59):
what kind of pics are you talking about

Sexual Details says (04:59):
oh, imaginative as I am, I can drool over any kind of photos
but one where not only the face is visible?

Sexual Details says (05:00):
I'd prefer half-clad artistic nudes, but I guess you don't stock a bunch of those

Jenny says (05:00):
what you dont like the current pic

Sexual Details says (05:00):
I do, it's just so small.

Jenny says (05:00):
I see

Sexual Details says (05:03):
I don't

Sexual Details says (05:04):
here in tuscany, the morning birds are singin

Jenny says (05:04):
I dont either

Jenny says (05:05):
were still not in bed cuddling

Sexual Details says (05:05):
i'm naked
so just slip under the covers

Jenny says (05:05):
ha ha ha

Jenny says (05:06):
oh if it were only that easy

Sexual Details says (05:06):
you'd put your back and butt against me
I'd caress your breasts

Jenny says (05:06):
I would

Sexual Details says (05:07):
and slide my cock into your pussy from behind, while kissing your neck
my hand sliding down between your thighs
to cirle your clit

Sexual Details says (05:08):
as I slide deeply into you... and out again...
that would be a beautful morning
your soft skin agains my chest

Jenny says (05:09):
That does sound nice
my soft tan glowing skin touching yours

Jenny says (05:10):
I sent you a pic

Sexual Details says (05:12):

Jenny says (05:12):
and Im going to send you a very very special pic
ready for it

Sexual Details says (05:12):
si, claro

Jenny says (05:12):
I sent it

Sexual Details says (05:14):
that's close

Jenny says (05:14):

Sexual Details says (05:15):
like an oyster

Jenny says (05:15):

Sexual Details says (05:15):
any of you as a whole?

Jenny says (05:15):

Jenny says (05:16):
not at the moment

Sexual Details says (05:16):
well maybe another day

Jenny says (05:16):

Jenny says (05:17):
is that good enough for you at the moment
the pic's that is

Sexual Details says (05:17):
Did you see that one we talked about earlier.
Where she squats down on this face?
Sitting down almost like she was going to pee?
I'd like that

Sexual Details says (05:18):
it looks deliciously juicy

Jenny says (05:18):
as would I like to do
well thaks for that comment

Sexual Details says (05:19):
i just love a lady sitting on my face... and that beautiful pussy
looking up between a pair of muscular thighs

Jenny says (05:19):
are you saying I have a beautiful pussy?

Sexual Details says (05:20):
it's very pretty

Jenny says (05:20):

Sexual Details says (05:20):
and those labia look delicious to suck on

Jenny says (05:20):
oh and you should taste it too

Sexual Details says (05:21):
just squat a bit harder...

Sexual Details says (05:22):
and your taste will be all over my face

Jenny says (05:22):
ha ha ha I wish I could

Sexual Details says (05:22):
I'm glad you like it
some girls would say it would be too dominant

Jenny says (05:22):
I love sex

Jenny says (05:23):
I would love to sit on your face

Sexual Details says (05:23):
how does it feel?

Jenny says (05:23):
Im an italian woman ... we have no problems with being too dominant.

Jenny says (05:24):

Sexual Details says (05:24):
i just love it... and I would love it now

Jenny says (05:24):
as would I

Jenny says (05:25):
would you spank that round ass of mine that you love soooo much

Sexual Details says (05:26):
my mouth tasting your pussy... tongue deep inside... your butt cheeks around my face... my nose smelling all of you... dangerously close to your butthole...
I'd love to spank it hard
get you on all fours

Jenny says (05:27):
how about you have me up against a wall my legs wrapped around your waist and you fuck me up against a wall

Sexual Details says (05:28):

Jenny says (05:28):
then you let me go
turn me around
and bend me over the back of a sofa

Jenny says (05:29):
and slide it back in.... deeper than before, as you slap and grab my ass

Sexual Details says (05:30):
mmmh I love to see my hard cock slip in between your wet pussy lips

Jenny says (05:30):
watching my back arch glowing with sweat from our bodies.

Sexual Details says (05:30):
slapping your ass

Jenny says (05:31):
you lick it off my back
as you listen to me moan

Sexual Details says (05:31):
playing with your butt with one finger...
squeezing your breasts

Sexual Details says (05:32):
parting your buttcheeks to reach deeper

Jenny says (05:32):
fuck me
I whisper

Jenny says (05:33):
you pick me up and lay me down on the table

Sexual Details says (05:33):
you make me so hard

Jenny says (05:34):
On my side as you mount again, one leg long and over your shoulder.
show me how hard you are

Sexual Details says (05:34):

Jenny says (05:34):
you are on your knees and between my thighs

Sexual Details says (05:35):
seeing my cock swallowed

Sexual Details says (05:36):
by your warm wet grip

Jenny says (05:36):
you touch my breasts glowing in the moonlight covered our sweat

Jenny says (05:37):
as I cum all over you once again .... you keep going

Sexual Details says (05:37):

Jenny says (05:38):
never stopping cause you are not done

Sexual Details says (05:38):
building up pressure

Jenny says (05:38):
you flip me over once again

Jenny says (05:39):
now Im on all fours as you plunge in once again
Im even wetter now

Sexual Details says (05:39):

Sexual Details says (05:40):
all messy

Jenny says (05:40):
as you pull me back a little bit by my hair
and you push deeper into me

Sexual Details says (05:41):
what a hot pussy
and your wet cunt makes me all wet
with every thrust

Jenny says (05:42):
you grab by my hips and thrust deeper and deeper.

Sexual Details says (05:42):
i can't go on much longer

Sexual Details says (05:43):
feeling come build up

Jenny says (05:43):
what feeling is that

Sexual Details says (05:43):
mmha... like a sucking feeling in the crotch

Jenny says (05:44):
let it go

Sexual Details says (05:44):
I want to pump you full...

Sexual Details says (05:45):
...and shoot the last on your butt... between your butt cheeks

Jenny says (05:45):
and watch it drip down between my cheeks

Sexual Details says (05:46):
exactly, what a hot vision

Jenny says (05:46):
I want to feel you inside me

Sexual Details says (05:47):
and then I'll slide my hard dick around in that semen... from inside your pussy... up between your buttcheeks... making a real mess

Jenny says (05:48):

Sexual Details says (05:49):
thinking that next time... I'll slip it in back there...
what a nice lay

Jenny says (05:50):
what is a nice lay me or the thought of putting it in my ass

Sexual Details says (05:50):

Jenny says (05:51):
Oh you have no idea how good I am baby

Sexual Details says (05:51):
i have an idea
of just how good

Jenny says (05:52):
oh really

Sexual Details says (05:52):

Jenny says (05:53):
and if we get ahold of food.....
oh the fun we will have

Sexual Details says (05:53):
oh la la
now I get curious

Jenny says (05:54):
I but you are

Jenny says (05:55):
did I mention that as you are fucking me I would run my nails all down your back and body
and they are long and currently a blood red

Jenny says (05:56):
now food

Sexual Details says (05:56):
I adore nails
on my back

Jenny says (05:57):
when you come home from work one day I will be on the dinning room table naked......
whipcream on my breasts and pussy
cherries on my nipples

Sexual Details says (05:58):

Jenny says (05:58):
chocolate sauce drizzled across my stomach

Sexual Details says (05:58):
starting with dessert I see

Jenny says (05:59):
cherry in my bellybutton
yes, would you rather eat sushi off my body first?

Sexual Details says (05:59):
you're too sexy

Sexual Details says (06:00):
oh... I'll love having dinner with you
off you

Jenny says (06:01):
Yum, yah. Going to bed soon? Thought you were.

Sexual Details says (06:01):
yep I was
until I found this video, a beautiful woman is..
..sitting on a man's face, she's so horny..

Jenny says (06:03):
I see
so you have been busy
ha ha ha

Sexual Details says (06:03):
I'm so hard...

Sexual Details says (06:04):
I just love the way she locked down his head with her feet...

Jenny says (06:04):
send me a pic of just how hard you are

Jenny says (06:05):
I would straddle your face like that

Sexual Details says (06:05):
you'd like that?

Jenny says (06:06):
what being over your face with my wet pussy?

Sexual Details says (06:07):

Jenny says (06:07):
Yes I just might

Jenny says (06:09):
But I would be sucking your cock too

Sexual Details says (06:09):

Jenny says (06:09):
She did not do that

Sexual Details says (06:09):
first you'd just sit
then you could bend forward to suck me
but then I'll lick your pussy and ass as well...

Sexual Details says (06:10):
i just love the feeling of a juicy wet hot pussy all over my face, all messy and tasty

Jenny says (06:11):
What is your fav thing to do to a woman.
I do taste good if I do say so

Sexual Details says (06:11):
yesss... there are many things
but licking pussy is a favourite

Jenny says (06:12):
why is that ?

Sexual Details says (06:12):
or anywhere down there that makes you going
mmmh... i just love the smell... and taste... and the soft feeling of the labia...
...and the way it makes you moan and twist

Jenny says (06:13):
anything else?

Jenny says (06:14):
you would like to do to me?

Sexual Details transfering:

Sexual Details says (06:15):
I always love to fuck from behind

Sexual Details says (06:16):
against a wall
on all four

Jenny says (06:16):
I love that feeling too, all guys like to fuck from behind

Sexual Details says (06:16):
when you lie down on bed, legs together

Jenny says (06:16):
am I on my stomach or on my back

Sexual Details says (06:17):
on your stomach

Jenny says (06:17):

Jenny says (06:18):
Im very flexiable
so do with me what you will
ha ha ha

Sexual Details says (06:18):
I also like to put your pegs up on my shoulders

Jenny says (06:19):
I can do that with very little effort
my long tan legs....

Jenny says (06:20):
draped over your shoulders

Sexual Details says (06:20):
you pull them next to your head

Jenny says (06:20):

Sexual Details says (06:21):
this is nice... it opens your pussy up beautifully, like a picture
both for tasting it first
and then for sinking myself into you

Jenny says (06:21):

Sexual Details says (06:21):
even your butt, if you are in the mood for it

Jenny says (06:26):
I have not had good times with that butt.... Im very willing to give it another go with someone who is willing to be easy with it

Sexual Details says (06:26):
mmh... me, too

Sexual Details says (06:27):
some girls that do things with their fingers there do not realise that nails are sharp
but I love it
so I let them play anyawy

Jenny says (06:27):
I had the best cum when I did have anal sex
the best

Jenny says (06:28):
I would rather you play with it
not me.

Sexual Details says (06:28):
play with myself?

Transfer of Jenny.bmp is ready.

Jenny says (06:29):
no you play with my ass

Sexual Details says (06:29):
yes, m'am

Jenny says (06:30):
I just got your pic

Sexual Details says (06:30):
notice there is a drop dripping

Jenny says (06:30):
very big and throbbing

Jenny says (06:31):
yea I saw that

Jenny says (06:33):
very nice

Sexual Details says (06:33):
thanks, darling

Jenny says (06:34):
I make me want you inside me

Sexual Details says (06:34):
yeah? your pussy gets a little wet and horny?

Jenny says (06:35):
First off let me say Im always always horny

Sexual Details says (06:36):
that's a quality to appreciate

Jenny says (06:36):
ha ha ha I hope so

Sexual Details says (06:36):
I do

Sexual Details says (06:37):
lift up the skirt when you are cooking... and caress a wet pussy
stop by at work, and eat you up in the bathroom

Jenny says (06:38):
sit in front of me while Im cooking and have a snach snack of your very own
and guess what else....
I never ware panties

Sexual Details says (06:39):

Jenny says (06:39):
they get in the way

Sexual Details says (06:39):
I love that surprise
looking up a skirt and finding out it's just pussy lips and fuzzy hair

Sexual Details says (06:40):
all too rare though

Jenny says (06:40):
no hair on me baby

Sexual Details says (06:40):
ah, sweet

Jenny says (06:40):
my pussy lips are smooth
and extra wet

Sexual Details says (06:40):
mmhh... makes me want them on my face even more

Jenny says (06:41):
maybe you should take a trip to Texas after all
soon too

Sexual Details says (06:42):
yeah, well, I wish I had the money for that...
But right now, continuing to Chennai in India next week, then Dubai the week after that, and Rome in August
so after that
I'm probably broke

Jenny says (06:43):

Sexual Details says (06:43):

Jenny says (06:44):
is this all for your research or for something else
work related

Sexual Details says (06:44):
something else
well, not next week
but paris and dubai are consultancy

Jenny says (06:45):
very nice
you will have to send me pics from all places

Jenny says (06:46):
Rome for sure
It would make me feel special if you would do this for me

Sexual Details says (06:47):
anyways, sexy
I've got to sleep now
catch you some other time
maybe you can send me a hot photo sometime?

Jenny says (06:48):
Ok I will take a shower and be there in a bit.... naked and dripping wet
every where

Sexual Details says (06:48):
shower until you come?

Jenny says (06:48):
Maybe you will get a sexy pic soon

Sexual Details says (06:49):
hope so

Jenny says (06:49):
no I will cum stright to bed right out of the shower

Jenny says (06:50):
and then I will cum all over your face

Sexual Details says (06:50):
that's just too sexy

Jenny says (06:51):
think you could handle it?

Sexual Details says (06:51):
how do you want me to handle it?
I'll lick you clean

Jenny says (06:51):
you can start with your mouth

Jenny says (06:52):
all over my body

Sexual Details says (06:52):

Sexual Details says (06:53):
any sweet spot?

Jenny says (06:53):
I told you already

Jenny says (06:54):
my neck.... and Im all yours

Sexual Details says (06:55):
ill bite your neck
like a lion

Jenny says (06:55):
that just gave me chills all over

Sexual Details says (06:56):
while caressing your breasts...
dream dream
anyways, me got to go...
happy shower
waiting for your wet pussy

Jenny says (06:56):
waiting for your cock

Sexual Details says (06:57):
ciao, bella

Jenny says (06:57):

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Secret male g-spot orgasm technique

All sexual partners of men are well aware of the power at hand when you know exactly how to give a man pleasure through touching, sucking, caressing, licking, teasing and pleasuring his penis. They might also know about the exhilarating heightening of sexual pleasure through caressing the buttocks, the bottom hole of the man, letting fingers massage the orifice or penetrate it.

But there is a well-hidden secret that few know of, but is sometimes practised in Scandinavia. That is the secret of the male anal orgasm. The one that can be had without ever touching a penis. Perhaps a counter part to the deep, vaginal orgasm that can be achieved by women.

How can you reach this feeling of orgasmic bliss?

Well, as with many international sexual techniques, the easiest way learn to do it, is by practising. In this case, you also need a tool, namely, a vibrator. It does not have to be an exclusive type, a plain dildo will suit just fine, as long as it vibrates. It should not be too wide, and not too long, it’s not necessary for this kind of pleasure. You will also need a lubricant, choose one that is water soluble. Oil-based lubricants will tend to dissolve any rubber or plastic materials. You can make sure that the dildo is warm and lovely by heating it in your hands, for instance.

What you will have to learn, or what you will have to try to find on your partner, is a certain spot in the opening of your male partner. You will have to reach this with the vibrating dildo, and keep it there, until sexual arousal and pressure builds up, and until a wonderful, deep release and orgasm.

The male orifice is, just like in females, rich in nerve endings and stimulating it is usually very pleasurable, if done gently and with experience.

In order to practise, what you need to do is get your vibrator lubricated. Apply it on the tip of the vibrator, and also apply plenty of liquid around and in your bottom hole.

Start the vibrator and gently push it against the orifice. Sliding it across the ring will give pleasurable feelings of lust spread through your body. The moment of inserting it into the anus draws nigh. A good position to do this is lying on your back, and pulling your legs up towards your chest. This opens you up, and relaxes your muscles down there.

Push the tip of the vibrator into the hole, slowly. Notice that there should be only little resistance. If there is more resistance, try to relax, take it slowly. It should never hurt, then you need to slow down, add more lubrication, perhaps after having extracted it.

Now, if you push the dildo perhaps five centimetres up the anus, and make the tip of the dildo inside you point towards your penis, that is towards of the front of your body, and make sure it is vibrating, you will eventually hit a spot where it feels quite lovely. You body will stretch, and arch, you will shudder, perhaps gasp. You will know when you have hit the right spot, though you will have to move the dildo around before you find it. Relax, enjoy the search.

Now, this is usually very arousing and you might notice your dick growing hard from this treatment. When you have found this spot, you will have to act much like when stimulating the clitoris of a woman to orgasm. Don’t move your focus from that spot, keep on vibrating it. After a while, you will feel an orgasm starting to build up in your body, a fantastic tension. Unlike the period before orgasms of the penis, you might notice that the building up to an anal orgasm is much harder to endure. You will feel like you want to pull away from the dildo, because it feels to good, you might even scream of pleasure. And just like women, you will reach a state where you actually have to stop at an orgasmic plateau, and breath, and regain strength. Then you can continue again, and move up the plateaus. This is also a great difference from the other kind of male orgasm, you cannot rush this anal orgasm. You have to feel completely at ease, relaxed, horny and willing, and slowly build it up.

After five, ten, fifteen minutes of this kind of stimulation, without distraction, you will end up having a fantastic, deep, sinking feeling, and you will also release a load of semen.

This is a wonderful opportunity for any man to experience an orgasm that is very similar to that experienced by women, and definitely something all men should try out, in solitude or with their lovers…

Swedish male g-spot encounter

Oslo, spring time, sunshine, ships in the harbour, blond hair, blue eyes, the Scandinavian openness for sexual techniques and carnal pleasures. She was visiting from Sweden, she had a drink on Karl-Johann, the main street of the Norwegian capital. She looked me straight into the eyes, glancing flirtatiously my way, where I was having a glass of wine in a street bar, watching the tall people pass me by. She looked Nordic. Proud, smart, modern, free. White blouse, black belt, knee-short skirt. Her fingertips fiddling with her glass, a slight blush spreading across her chest and neck, crossing her legs, uncrossing them again. White stay-ups with a broad line, seen through the vent of the skirt.

We ended up talking, walking down to the ships along the quay. Scandinavian women, what a cliché, still, she knew what she wanted, did not give in to the regular cat and dog play. She said, ”kom upp med mig”, come up with me, join me in my hotel room. ”I’m only here for business, business, and business, I need to play a bit as well.” She knew there was no one that could resist an her invitation.

In her lush hotel suite, with a view of the bay, a large, soft double bed occupied a major part of one of the three rooms. Satin sheets. A pair of white lace panties and a matching bra were thrown across the seat of an armchair close to the bed. A small, elegant white Louis Vuitton handbag on the bedside table, was open and I could see something round and golden sticking out of it, it did certainly look like a dildo.

”Klä av dig, snygging”, she said. Get undressed. She opened the belt of my pants, and pulled apart the buttons in my jeans… Then turned away, and crawled up on bed on all fours, digging down into her bag. She turned her head around, ”what are you waiting for? Get undressed.” Removing my shoes, I let my pants slide down to my feet and removed them. Got rid of my socks, and stood there in underwear and shirt. ”Good”, she said with a smile.

”Now come lie down here…”, she said, patting the bedspread. I went over to the bed, and lay across the bed on my side. She pushed me over, down on my back. In a move, she pulled my underwear down my legs. This woman that just half an hour ago was a complete stranger, was now admiring my legs, stealing a glance at my cock and testicles. She touched my penis, jerked it a bit softly, and saw it grow. ”Wonderful”. She bent down between my legs and took it between her lips, into her warm mouth, and gave it a few quick draws. ”Mmmh”.

She turned around, and out of the bag she pulled out a gold-plated dildo in one hand, and a small bottle in the other. On all four, her skirt had slid up her thighs, and I could see her white, gauze string panties disappearing between her buttocks. She turned back to me with a smile. ”Now I’ll make you come, baby”.

She pushed my legs towards my chest. I was there, in only my shirt, on my back, with my legs separated quite wide. She placed the bottle above my crotch and dripped down lubricant… it rained on my cock, but also on my butt, my thighs, my orifice. With one hand she smeared it out, caressing my scrotum, gently touching my twitching member, and squeezed my buttocks, and gave it a little slap with her palm. She added more lube on my bottom hole. I could feel it run between my butt cheeks and down on the bed spread.

She took the dildo in her hand, lifted it to her nose and smelled it, and then smiled as thinking of a fond memory, only to lower it in front of me, drenching it in lube. ”Now”, she said, and held my scrotom, ”let’s”, and put the tip of the dildo against my hole. I can still feel the slighltly cold metal against my butt, against the liquid surface, and see her mesmerized gaze between my legs, as she gently pushed it inside of me.

”So, there, now”, she said, pushing it even further, ”feels ok?”. It slid into me. It was a very odd feeling, first time, very forbidden, but still enormously arousing, and extremely pleasurable. It was now almost ten centimeter inside me. She then turned the end of it, and I could hear the engine inside it, making it start vibrating. I twitched… That felt good. She started lightly moving it in and out of me, only a centimeter or two, back and forth. Slowly, gently. In and out. Lovingly. Then she slid it out a bit more, a bit more, until, suddenly my body really jerked, involuntarily. ”Ah”, she said, ”there we are”. She shifted the pressure ever so slightly towards my pelvis. I twitched again. I could feel it moving inside me. Touching a place I’d never known was there before. It felt amazing, and my penis grew very hard, pointing up towards her, where she was sitting, still in her blouse and skirt, in her hotelroom. Fucking me gently with a dildo.

Then she turned me over, dildo still in my behind. She placed my on all fours in bed. Her lips biting my buttock, her hand holding the dildo, moving it in minimal circles. I actually heard myself start moaning, with a deep tone, as from deep within. She slapped my butt. Her other hand snuck its way around my waist and gripped my penis. She slid her fingers around it, but carefully avoided to jerk it. It felt incredible, so exposed, and vulnerable, and intense. She continued with light pressure on that perfect spot within… my breath was so fast, too much oxygen, swirling mind, glimpse of her in the mirror, on her knees behind me, the sunlight through the window, a neighbouring hotel guest in the windows opposite? The waves of pleasure arrived faster and faster, more and more intense. I felt like I was going to explode, too pee all over her bed spread, to make a huge mess… Just a little more, of her delicate aid, just a little more, vibration, vibrating… and a complete release of semen spurted out all over her bed, a cascade of come. She quickly turned me over again, placed her lips around my wet cock… and slid the vibrator out of me while licking away the last drips.


That was my initiation to this secret male g-spot technique, what an exquisite sexual detail, that all men can experience with the right touch.

My best wishes in your exploration and play in trying to have this extraordinary male anal orgasm…

French aphrodisiac memories of champagne

I have to admit it. Champagne does it for me. That pearly light golden dew of spiritual bubbles that enters the blood system and ignites both the heart and the mind. It puts me in a deliciously naughty mood, making glances longer and languishing looks more intense.

The sound of the restrained explosion releasing the cork, a divine potion poured from a bottle filled to the level of bursting, flooding glasses with its white foam, exploding with energy and joie de vivre.

Oh, how this carries my memories away to lustful moments around the world… A penthouse apartment in the 16th arrondissement on La Rive Droite in Paris. Trembling fingers sliding up luxurious cream white lace-clad legs… An eager duchesse daughter, exploring life and its fruits, a sweet rebellion against restricing catholic rules. Cheeks start to blossom and thoughts adventurously wander. From head, through waist, and straight into the blood vessel, into every nerve, every particle of our bodies, as we tasted each other’s adolescent skin, the bleak sunlight accentuating curves through the dormer window, revealing exquisite sexual details.

It is not only this desirable mix of chardonnay, pinot noir and pinot meunier from the French district of Champagne that does incite these frivolous feelings, but any fine sparkling dry wine from around the globe. Just think of the ripe grapes carefully harvested on mountains slopes in Chile and Argentina, a gently refined cava from Spain, an intense spumante from Italy, some delicious sekt from Germany or some eastern flavour from a glass of Ukrainian Krimsekt.

I wonder, are there similar drinks in India, what can give the same pleasure in Indonesia…? And what is the North American equivalent? What sets thoughts off wandering like that in California and Texas?

Granted, sparkling wine contains alcohol, a substance well-known to mankind as a life-giving aphrodisiac since its discovery. But what other things edible and drinkable are available to increase our lust, to arouse our sexual desires, to make us ready, willing, eager…? To make sex feel even better?

Read more about aphrodisiacs around the world and across the globe, explore the sexual details of food and drinks.

Female ejaculation squirting techniques how to

I learned this sexual detail, this wonderful technique of female squirting, while travelling in Kenya. This technique obviously works, though there is no thorough academic material on the amount of women that can ejaculate or gush out in large quantities, it is an area where more research and studies are needed.

What happens, in reality, is that a quite clear liquid is shot out by females, usually just before or during a deep and very pleasurable orgasm. There is some debate as to what this liquid consists of, though it has been established that it is not pee. It appears to be coming from the paraurethral ducts by the urethra. It can sometimes be in the form of a gush or spring, much more rich in amount than that of men, and sometimes much less, more of a sultry, sensuous trickle, but often between three and fifteen millilitres.

Some women, in belief that this is pee, can be very worried of releasing their come in bed. However, there are plenty of open-minded men that would love to experience the pleasure of having their women gush, and quite frankly, would not mind if the fluid was later found to be from a passionate piddle, a minor sexual detail between any aroused lovers in intercourse.

To learn this practice, an easy way for a woman to start trying, is to use a bathtub. This way, she will not feel unconfortable about risking to soil the bed linen, and relaxed in a private environment, suitable for erotic experimentation. Also, having a pee before trying will help you feel confident that your ejaculation is not only urine.

The area that is of importance is located on the front wall of the vagina. If you can locate your g-spot, that is the area with a spunge-like feeling, and slightly higher than it, you have located the right place. With quite firm strokes, press down on this spot. One thing to notice, is that it might take you quite some time to find this, and several minutes, perhaps up to even half an hour of pleasurable fingering, before you start to be able to feel that tingling tension and sensation. It will feel like you would like to go to pee.

Incidentally, this is the feeling many men experience, when they first ejaculate in their youth. For men as well, it feels like you have to piddle, but the feeling is so fantastic, men soon learn to control it, to let go in the moment of orgasm.

When you reach this state of feeling like you would like to go pee, you just continue. The feeling is amazing, and you can notice a tension bulding up in your vulva, your pelvis might thrust and arch, and a moan might escape from your panting mouth. Just continue, no matter what. The first times, you can actually help by pushing like you would when peeing, or like bearing down. Alternate that with relaxing completely, pushing, relaxing. It, of course, does not matter if you pee, that is just another love fluid. If you continue, you will eventually be rewarded for your pleasure-filled endeavour, and in your orgasm, a flow of liquid will be released from your pussy.

Now, it is only time to practice!
Perhaps you will some day share your findings with us here at Sexual Details.

Kenyan female ejaculation secrets

Some belive that it is only for the man to express the termination of his orgasm by shooting out floods of passion throug his virile member. To explode in a gush of warm and delicously fertile semen.
Then let me tell you a story about how I learned about the female love gush or ladylike sprinkle that many women can experience while making passionate and exquisite love, or having raw, lustful sex. Then, continue to further explore the techniques used for female ejaculation.

I had just set foot in Kenya, from the bustling coast airport of Mombasa, at first I was taken through winding roads through the hectic city, and further out west by my powerful host.

In a section of the land bordering one of the many spectacular nature reserves, I was fortunate to stay as aguest with a very hospitable and gentle party, embarrassingly wealthy in both riches and appearance.

She was in the deepest of skin-tones, a wonderful creamy dark chocolate, the skin glistening in the pouring sun, her lips wide, protruding, suculent, always perfectly humid, eyes awake, full of life, high cheekbones giving an air of superiority and pride. Long neck, a full and very inviting busom, hiding behind one of the many exclusive designer dress from her wardrobe. Her husband was a good match, at tall, handsome man, with delicate moves, a scholar, and business man, always in a tailor-made suit.

I could never really tell what age they were, perhaps in their forties, so youthful in mind and spririt. Always playing, hugging eachother, kissing in the corner of the mouth, stealing a clandestine caress, squeezing and pinching when they thought themselves unseen.

After a week full of all excursions into the bewildering Kenyan landscape and the waves of the warm Indian Ocean, it so happened that the man of the house had to leave for the week-end, urgent business in a neighbouring country. Before he left, at Friday breakfast he took my hand and said, ”thank you for this week, it has been a fantastic experience, I hope I will make it back before you leave”, and added, looking me straight into the eyes, ”and I hope you will take care of my lady while I am gone, in any way she desires, she can be very demanding at times”, and gave a little nod as he squeezed my hand, and let go.

This left me alone with this Keynian beauty. She invited me to go with her to their cottage on the sea, and her driver left us in in front of the family get-away. It was an enchanting building, that from the outside looked like a hut in a material that to me looked like bamboo. However, it had a very stylish interior. Most striking was the large window facing the waves of the ocean, almost running alongside the entire house.

We had hardly entered the cottage and sat down in two resting chairs facing the sea, when she suddenly stood up in front of me, untied the knot at the back of her full dress, and let if slide down onto the wooden floor. She stood with her back towards me, exposing her arched back and my eyes had the opportunity to trace the lines of her body, from her neck, down along the shoulders, her narrow waist that melted together with an exquisite, hard, round buttocks. Her butt cheeks protruded from her lower back, and looked so big, so firm.

She turned, the light from the sea pouring in through the windows surrounding her, forming a silhouette of her dark body. The creamy areolas around her hard nipples, the divide between her resting breasts, the curved line down to the navel, ended in a triangle covered with a wide mat of curly, thick shrub, invitingly dark, deep between her muscular thighs. She let the bright fingers of her palm slide upwards along the interior of her thigh, and into this erotic thicket. The other palm, sliding up her belly, warmly squuezing one of her brim-filled tits.

She said, ”utapenda…”, let one finger slide between her labia… turned and opened the windows and walked out into the sea, the water encirling her legs and slowly, her butt.

I rested in my chair, not exactly sure what to do. I saw her sit down in the water, lean back to wet her hair, stand up again, splash water over her chest, massaging and caressing her breasts. I could see her parting her legs, dabbling her pussy and turning, pushing her ass upwards, brushing mildly between her but cheeks. She was cleaning herself.

She walked the long way up, drying her hair with a towel, her arms streched above her hair, exposing her shaven armpits and raising her ripe breasts to a form a perfect statue-like image.
She stopped by my reclining chair. Her still wet pussy hair just close to my face. She looked down on me… ”I want you to make her come”, she said, in a deep voice, and placed her one palm behind my head, and softly pushed my face towards that wet spot between her thighs.

The hair was cool, wet against my face. A smell of sea salt and her natural, musky scent mixed and made me instinctively inhale deeply. I gave it a kiss, feeling the hair against my cheeks, around my mouth. She pushed my head and my lips touched hers.

She said, ”Mja, njoo!”, come with me, I want you to make me flood, ”mafuriko, mafuriko”… My hostess then started to tell me, that to her, a real woman would always flood while making love. She explained that nothing would make her feel as female and excited as when she released a gush of liquid on her lover, when she would open her feminine source and bathe her partner, his sex, his face and chest. Like a wave from the sea borne within and releasing a warm tidal wave across his body, owning him.

Explaining that this was not a custom where I came from, and that she would have to invite me into this tradition, she started telling me how she had come to learn this.

”You see, the female is like the ocean. Sometimes still, calm, sometimes in a raging tempest, and so is her private parts and the spirit therewithin. When only twelve or thirteen, the best friend of my aunt taught me this important lesson. She instructed me. She told me how to masturbate, the way to envaken this spirit by the way of the hand. After I had mastered this, she told me solemnly, it was now time for me to become a woman. I was going to practice this by the sea, she said. You will sit in the sand, with legs apart, facing the ocean. Caressing yourself like I had told you, you will now also form a curve with one of your fingers. You will place it in you, and bend it upwards. Inside, you will find a spot, that when you squeeze it with the tip of your finger, it will feel so good, make you body tremble. And if you continue, rythmically, for a long time, you will build up a tension, a lovely feeling, your body will twist, and arch, in a holy way. If you continue, also caressing yourself as you are used to, in a while, it may be long, or short, you will start feeling like you would want to go pee. This is good. If you want to, you can stop and pee in the sea. The sea will not mind, dear girl. But then continue, and you will notice, she said, that you will still have the feeling of wanting to pee. Also, a squeezing feeling, like something is contracting inside, squeezing you. This is good. Continue, continue and you will be rewarded. After a while, it will be impossible to contain your sexual spirit anymore. Now this is the moment, when you can continue massaging, finger bent, and if you want to, push like to pee, but then relax, push, relax, push, relax. Suddenly, girl, you will feel like all heaven has come together between your thighs, to help your inner source spring out. Your vagina will push together, your pelvis will contract, and you will shoot out a flood, a spring, a foam, between your legs. It might be just a little, or a very firm stream, and you will be overcome with passionate, sexual desire, satisfaction and lust. And then, my child, you have become a true woman.”

She told me that she had practised these sexual details hard. Many times on her own, by the sea. Sometimes in skirt, to hide from the passers by, sometimes in protection of the night. And finally, she had found the spot, and managed to release a gush into the Indian Ocean, her body arching, filling with joy, and a new feeling of power.

Now, she wanted me to relax in my chair, reclined. She squatted down on my, infront of me, parting her thick thighs, exposing a slight piece of pink, and took one of my hands and brought it to her bush. ”Make me flood”, she said, closed her eyes, bent her head upwards, and waited for me to caress her.

Overwhelmed by her presence, her impressive body, still wet with beads of water from the sea, mixed with the steam of her warm body in the Kenyan climate, she moaned contented, pleased with having a mans hand producing desire and lust in her body. She must have felt my member rising between her buttocks, pushing against her bottom opening. She suddenly grabbed my penis, and held it, while she slid down on it. She violently pushed down, shoved herself up and down against my pelvis. She held me in a firm grip, and I could feel the my tip of my cock forecully hitting the fore part of her vagina. She moaned with each thrust, her body hitting heavy against mine, rubbing her inside… Suddenly, she opened her eyes, she gyrated almost backwards on my cock, said ”Now, you are mine”, quickly raised herself from my member, moved slightly forward on her knees, and, with a finger just above her slit, resting on her other hand behind her, she released her load over my waist, my pelvis all wet, in gushes, she moved forward slightly, pressing her finger even more, another gush spread across my chest and another splashed across my neck, and I felt a slightly sticky liquid wash over my face, ears and hair. ”Now I own you”, she said.

If you desire to experience this Keynian Indian Ocean flood yourself, continue to further explore the techniques used for female ejaculation, and also discover the aphrodisiacs used in some African countries and around the world. Perhaps this practice is common in other parts of the world, where the technique has been taught to courtesans in imperial love nests? Behind veils in Arabian countries, by by geishas in Japan, or in the grand palaces of India?