Thursday, June 18, 2009

Scientific aphrodisiacs around the world

Naturally, there are scientific ways to help you in your quest to perfect your status as a sexual guru or a divine love goddess. Let us turn to the scientific aphrodisiacs…

Search for effective aphrodisiacs has been a pursuit of mankind for as long as our common memory can remember. Scientifically, search has focused on the pro-sexual effects, the heightening of the libido and increasing sexual arousal through the use of edibles and drinks, through oral pharmacological agents which change the neurotransmitting activities. Another important field is finding ways to take care of sexual dysfunctions.

Many studies have been performed, but many seem to lack the standard, the important consideration of sexual details, that is otherwise seen in pharmacology. But work is naturally constantly moving forward. And do we not all love to do a little sexual experimentation ourselves…?

In some aspects, oral contraceptives for women can be seen as powerful aphrodisiacs. There are no good studies on if it actually increases the libido in women, but the fact is that the risk of getting pregnant is a big turn off for many people. Especially when partners do not share this concern. Oral contraceptives, birth control pills, can take away the thoughts of the risk, for everyone involved.
They can also relieve pain, such as premenstrual cramps, and lessen the amount of blood during menstruation, which might make you or your partners more open to sex. As a bonus, it might help against acne, making you look sexier than ever. They contain ethinyl estradiol and the synthetic, orally active progestin.

Another well-known substance is marijuana and cannabis, and other cannabinoids. It is harmful for the reproduction, but in the right doses it might effect sexual behaviour and arousability. The endocannabinoid system, however, has actually been found to have some possibility for treatment of erectile dysfunction. This dysfunctionality is due to hormonal, local biochemical and structural factors of the penis. This has led to the phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitor therapy used, for instance, in Viagra.

One of the most important scientific rules is that of Placebo effect, by which our beliefs cause a condition in our body to change. It just cannot be stated enough times. The human mind is fantastic. As long as we belive, it works. The stronger we believe, the better it works! It is like divine magic, and should be handled wisely. And what could be wiser than to use it to increase our sexual desire, to arouse us, to make us long more for kisses, cuddles and other bodies?

The well-known medicine Viagra, this blue pill, is actually sildenafilcitrate, earlier also sold under names such as Revatio and Patrex. It inhibits the enzyme phosphodiesterase type 5 in the corpus cavernosum, which, together with sexual stimulation leads to increased blood flow in the penis and a better erection.

Saffron contains crocin, the red colour which similar to that of carrots, has been said to demonstrate the properties of an libido-boosting aphrodisiac. The Indians might have been right, after all. At least, it makes food taste delicious, from Paella to Scandinavian Lucia buns, and brings the yellow colour of the sun into your home and perhaps also heart, along with a kingly scent.

Honey is also a real aphrodisiac. Eating honey does increase nitric oxide and nitrite in the blood, which opens blood vessels, which in turn might give you an erection or make your clitoris get ready for more attention from an eager partner. And, again, it does taste marvellous, and is healthy. It contains among other things cinnamaldehyde, cinnamyl alcohol, cinnamic acid as well as homovanillyl alcohol and p-methoxy-cinnamic acid, all hinting on the close bonds to the fragrances of cinnamon and vanilla. And these fragrances, lovely perfumes, make our thoughts make small jumps up into the air… and land in the land of love.

Prunes, raisins and other dried fruit contain boron, more so than honey.

Never underestimate the power of alcohol. Anyone who has had a few glasses of wine, beer, mead, champagne or stronger liqueurs knows how they can affect you. They open up your conversation, the make you feel more attractive, they make your partner or flirt seem more attractive, and, in short, make you feel so much more horny and slutty than you otherwise feel. Add also to that, the day after. Many of us can report that unmistaken horny feeling that comes with a bit too much intake of alcohol the day before.

Chocolate. Ah… sniff, sniff. It just smells so good, and melts in your mouth. Mmmh… that reminds me of… so many wonderful moments of joy.

Some people believe that the phenylethylamine found in chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It could raise love leves, that is, sexual attraction and arousal, but in reality it rapidly degrades by the enzyme MAO, making it unlikely that any significant concentrations reaches the brain when eating chocolate. There are other chemicals such as tryptophan, which is a building block of serotonin, a neurochemical that creates feelings of pleasure, and affects sexual arousal. It also contains theobromine, a chemical stimulant similar to caffeine. But the levels in a serving are so low, there just is not enough to increase sexual desires… Studies have shown no sign of increased libido in women after eating plenty of chocolate.

General for all the aphrodisiacs around the world is also the question of how much you have to take of a drug to make it cross the threshold from negligible effects into observable results. For most chemicals, you would have to eat close to ridiculous amounts… but it would be a fantastic argument for the chocolate lovers.

When it comes to smells, and substances that travel by air, we think of pheromones. There is also something called copulins, which are pheromones produced by fertile women. Studies have shown that men find women who are ovulating are more attractive than those who are not. Coconut oil is rich in copulins, and many fruits contain butanoic acid, another copulin.

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