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Food and drinks affect semen taste

How to make your sperm a delicious aphrodisiac - sex techniques from around the world...
...or "that fruit stand has never looked so sexy before!"

Once upon a time while studying at the university I had an intense and highly sexual relation with an Iranian woman. I was young, blond and blue-eyed, a shy young Scandinavian man from the suburb, and frankly, not very experienced. She was perhaps ten years more mature than me, very elegant and well-read in Persian poetry as well as in modern mathematics, her body voluptuous, with eyes and hair dark as the colour of charcoal, lips of sweet velvet cerise and the skin of her full breasts soft like goose feathers against the tips of my shivering fingers.

One day after a particularly arousing love-making session in her exclusive city apartment where she had lovingly licked me, sucked me and made me flood her hungry mouth with hot come, she suddenly commented on the taste of my sperm. She called it something in Persian that sounded like totferanghee, which she later on explained, as far as I can remember, meant strawberry.

Incidentally, I had the day before and the same day frolicked in fresh, sweet, juicy Swedish summer strawberries, ripe from the bush. And obviously, the aromas had somehow made their way into my semen, and onto the tongue of my experienced and open-minded mistress.

As she saw the astounded look on my face, she started telling me about all kinds of love-making techniques that she had learned in Teheran, the poetic capital of Iran, before coming to the west. She also started to explain to me what would cause a man’s sperm to taste pleasing to a woman, or indeed, to another man, and which could cause the opposite affect. It was a journey into new sensual pleasures for me and her together, filled with many sexual details

Drinking a man's sperm can be both sexy and tasty. Semen is mostly seminal fluids, containing water, protein, citric acid, fructose (a complex sugar), sodium, and chloride. There are smaller amounts of ammonia, ascorbic acid, acid phosphatase, calcium, carbon dioxide, cholesterol, prostaglandins, creatine, other minerals, and numerous other chemicals. It contains zinc, important for prostate gland function and reproductive organ growth, as well as selenium and rubidium. The protein in one load is about the protein that you find in one egg white. The pH in semen is 7 which means that it is neutral, even though most of us find the taste a bit acidic. Only about 1 percent is actual sperm.

Some say come smells like a mélange of newly cut grass and alfalfa sprouts. Usually the seminal fluid has a slightly bitter and salty taste. Perfect for all of you who like oysters…

There are some academic findings in this field. The very exciting conclusion is that you can taste and smell better for your sexual partners. There are ingredients that can make your bed time friends never want to stop sniffing and licking your testicles and cock, never wanting to take their lips away from your penis’ glans and corona. Or making devouring your partner’s dick a new pleasure. Most foods also affect the scent of your body, the perfume of your sweat and the fragrance of your urine.

Generally things that are sweet and acidic make your semen taste sweeter. Everything with a pH lever below 7 is acidic, everything above 7 is basic.

Try making a sweet love session with a sixty-nine after having some fruits that are especially high in natural sugar (fructose), like pineapple, papaya, cranberry, melons, mangoes, kiwis, apples or grapes. Tasting good must be easy in Brazil! Also try lemon. And don't forget the strawberries! Many women can testify that if their male lovers do indulge in drinking freshly squeezed juices, the man's sperm will taste better.

Vegetables are also generally good for improving your sperm taste. Try green things with high chlorophyll content like parsley, wheatgrass and celery, which give your juices a sweeter taste. But there are also vegetables to avoid, as you will notice below.

Vegetables generally contain minerals like magnesium, calcium, iron and potassium. To improve taste you could also try a nutritional complement with zinc or selenium, which will also improve your sperm count.

Water helps the body rid itself of toxins, and drinking plenty of healthy, crystal clear fresh water will enhance the taste of your liquid. It will be especially helpful if your woman tells you your taste is too strong to gulp down.

Cinnamon can make the seminal fluid taste like a Yuletide cake. That must be the case around December 13, Lucia day, when many Swedish girls dress up all clad in white dresses and wake their neighbours up in the morning, singing traditional songs, carrying candles and offering coffee, saffron buns and ginger bread cookies, full of cinnamon and cardamom…

Other spices that make your come more exotic and seductive are cardamom and peppermint. They all make the semen taste spicy and sweet.

But most of all, there are certain things you should perhaps avoid, depending on what your sexual partners like.

Caffeine, or other bitter alkaloids, like cocaine and tea, and smoking (nicotine and marijuana) make the taste less pleasurable. The same thing goes for alcohol.

Alkaline-based dishes, like different kinds of meats and fish might give semen a bitter taste. But that might also be to your liking, of course.

Especially red meat might make your semen taste salty. Consuming camel meat is especially well-known to make your sweat slightly unpleasant. When you eat protein, try to get chicken and turkey instead.

A common aphrodisiac, namely alcohol, might also give the semen an acidic and bitter taste, and as far as I can tell chemically processed spirits with high alcohol content are the worst. Sparkling white and rose wine like champagne, espumante and cava as well as delicious red wines do not seem to affect the taste. Or drink drinks filled with exotic fruits…

Even worse are dairy products with a high level of bacterial putrefaction, that is, a high level of decomposition of animal proteins by anaerobic microorganisms. Such as milk and cheese. They tend to make the semen taste salty.

Some food that are said to be aphrodisiacs also might affect the taste of a man’s semen. Especially asparagus, almost a national dish in Germany, may make a man’s sperm taste acidic and slightly bitter. A constituent chemical in this plant gives the urine and sperm a distinctive, mildly unpleasant odour. Other vegetables in the same family of vegetables, cabbage cauliflower and broccoli might also give the same results on taste.

Try to avoid spices such as garlic and onions. They have high sulfur content, making both your sweat and your semen take on an offending taste. Also a spice like curry can give the sperm an unpleasant taste.

Another thing that can affect the way a partner accepts your seed, is whether the load is small or big, and if it is thick or more like water. The thickness can vary from day to day: it depends on your diet, how much exercise you get (which also means how often you masturbate, make out and make love), how fit your pants are.

I've found no real scientific evidence about this, but there are anecdotal evidence that protein rich food like egg white and gelatin might make it thicker. As well as tomato, soy, oats and celery.

No matter what you decide to eat, remember that all suggestions above all give individual results. The way your body reacts to a special fruit, drink or food is unique. And perhaps your sex partners will notice immediately your new sex diet or just might not at all be aware of your new lustful food habits.

My experience tells me that most women are very happy if you do choose carefully what you eat and notice and love it when your sperm tastes delicious and fresh.

The best suggestion, I guess, is that you experiment together… and please don’t forget to share your results with us! We all want those juicy sexual details about sex techniques from around the world and across the globe… What do you, and what don’t you eat and drink during a sensual feast to make your semen a tasty dish for your intimate friends?

Also… even less documented is what makes a woman's pussy taste more delicious, even though I have come to believe that the same things that affect a mans taste are the same as those that affect a woman’s secret secretions. What does make licking the outer labia even more intriguing and excitingly intoxicating and making your man want more and more?

If you want to combine making your taste more appetizing, and increasing your ability and libido, you might want to look into all the different aphrodisiacs used around the world.

Just for your sexual date and dinner, remember that it takes somewhere between twelve and twenty-four hours for the food to affect your taste and smell. So you should think about it the day before your sexual orgy begins!

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  1. Thanks for an excellent summary! I've tried out some of the tips, and it really does wonders. My two lovers just kept begging for more of that strawberry kiss! Awesome.

  2. Last 4 days or so I've been eating bananas, strawberries, grapes, and guavas that all seemed to come into the house just as I was finding out those were the fruits to be eating for better sperm taste. :D

    Yesterday I was smelling my underarm and noticed a sweet scent. I didn't want to believe it was really that and kept saying it must be something I got on me. Haha But I guess it's what I've been eating and not eating and drinking a lot of water and green and chamomile tea. Works for me! :D

    Benson and Tonic